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Thread: Is Bode Pro just Vemma relabeling affiliates?

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    Is Bode Pro just Vemma relabeling affiliates?

    Vemma, an MLM scam known for specifically targeting college students, was shut down by the FTC for being a pyramid scheme.

    FTC: Vemma is a $200 million "illegal pyramid" scheme

    Owner BK Boreyko has now launched a new MLM company "Bode Pro". You can read Oz's review here.

    Bode Pro Review: Can BK Boreyko resurrect Vemma post FTC?

    The review is quite positive, but others, myself included, are not so sure. This could be a case of a commendable half-full viewpoint vs. the MLM cynic.

    I'm not sure I completely understand the comp plan and need some help. I'd also like more opinions about the issues raised, namely by Anjali in the comments section, and what you guys thinks. I know what I think even without a full understanding.

    I really believe this needs to be "talked out" with a friendly debate to see what Bode Pro is up to.

    Also, I posted this question, but I still can't figure out the answer. (Brain fartay)

    Oz Quote:
    "To qualify for the MLM side of business, a Bode Pro affiliate needs to acquire at least four retail customers [on 25 BV autoship]. Beyond that their entire organizational volume also has to be 50.01% in favor of retail."

    My question:
    1) As an affiliate, I “personally” only need 100 BV (25 x 4) retail a month to qualify regardless of how many are in my downline. And then my downline needs to do the same? We all need only 100 BV retail?

    2) Or, say I have 100 downline @ 25 BV (2500), I have to “personally” retail 1250 BV a month to qualify?

    3) Or, retail match 50% of my entire downline BV?

    Maybe the answer is so ridiculous and that's why I can't wrap my brain around it? Or my lights are dimming.:)
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    Re: Is Bode Pro just Vemma relabeling affiliates?

    Is Bode Pro just Vemma relabeling affiliates?


    [/end thread]
    Haven't lost any money to online scams.......results are typical.

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