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Thread: The Salty Droid says Goodbye

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    The Salty Droid says Goodbye

    "Scamworld is too big :: and too evil … too intertwined with the whole of the mainstream. It’s too ignored :: and too complicated … too foreboding of future catastrophe. Talking and laughing on the internets is not near enough :: gonna have to go old school on this bitch … like I prolly should have done three years ago {but I was having such fun!}.

    Later next year :: Jason is taking over this fight for me :: and moving it in an entirely new {unfun} direction … one with suits and ties and proper punctuation. I’m gonna mic drop retire … and let my awesomeness fade back to black."
    Full post is here:

    The Salty Droid – Merry Christmas Goodbye

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    Re: The Salty Droid says Goodbye

    Sad to see his passing ~ gone but not forgotten. and he is still around. Maybe he should write a book and do a tour and sell it in webinars? lol

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    Re: The Salty Droid says Goodbye

    I am not quite sure who `salty droid' was, but I read some of his posts and replies etc on his site and appreciated his unique perspective. I do hope he is not just giving up. I kind of inferred that perhaps he is dropping the persona and actually taking his effort in a more legal public profile manner and direction?
    I sympathize with the fact that there is just so much scamming and scammertunities out there. That is why I have actually gotten more involved in reading/learning/posting on this site and elsewhere. It does seem that everywhere one turns there is just some reconstituted rebrand of the same old scams. Other countries are having the cahoonas to shut these things down, but not the U.S. which I find tragic.

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