I has now been confirmed that a private commercial company named Beijing ChiWest is Part of the CUCAS University scam (mentioned in another thread). Both companies are registered to the same man, Mr. Peter Zheng whose real Chinese name is Ying Tian Zheng. This article just hit my RSS feed today:

China's Education Market Full of Fraud, Scams & Fake Reviews - China Business Central - Open Salon

Beijing Chiwest is the company that collects the money for people who use the "FREE" services of CUCAS! I cannot believe that people do not realize the connection. I guess nobody bothers to ask for a copy of the business licenses in China. If they did they would see the same man owns both companies. Also, I found a new scam site for doing business in China: Wolf Watch | Keeping The Sheep Safe 24/7. If you don't want to get burned in China check that site and if you were already swindled, at least add the scum to the site to warn others.

According to their own advertisements they have offices in six countries and "campus reps" on two dozen university campuses, so be careful people.