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Thread: Naked Gardener site on Facebook contains viruses

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    Naked Gardener site on Facebook contains viruses

    I clicked a link to The Naked Gardener which appeared in Adlanders in Facebook on a Jim Allen post. I had no idea that naked gardening was some sort of pagan fertility right but a RS member (oldcoot) assures me that it is. Apparently males who get stung by a bee or wasp (not sure which) in the right or wrong place get a reaction that is far more powerful than any produced by Viagra. Fortunately Adlanders in Facebook deleted the link and the nakedgardener pictures.

    I uploaded a picture or four naked males sitting on tree stumps displaying ugly backsides and loads of unattractive back fat because I thought it was funny. The series of nude pictures made the men look like complete idiots and they were talking about where to find magic mushrooms growing in UK so I decided to upload a few of them for a laugh and tell them that magic mushrooms come up in November not May. We had to learn how to identify all the poisonous fungi just after the war as German prisoners of war were short of tasty food and if any of them had accidentally eaten one of the deadly death cap ones instead of the variety that some farmers ate and called happy mushrooms they could have died. The death cap mushroom is not a magic mushroom and nobody should contemplate picking wild mushrooms in UK unless they can identify the deadly poisonous varieties.

    Do not sit on a wasp boys. My father sat on one when I was a child. I will not forget how loud he screamed and the volley of cuss words. We had been harvesting. My mother arrived with steaming hot afternoon tea and my father sat down on the ground and the wasp stung him where it really hurt. He would have been wearing light cotton trousers and aertex underpants at the time so heaven knows how painful it would have been if he had been wearing nothing at all. If anybody has the misfortune to sit on a wasp, the best thing to cure the pain is to wipe the effected part with dock leaves.

    May 14th is supposed to be naked gardening day but do not click any links in Facebook or Adlandpro about naked gardening because they will infect your computer. Do not eat any magic mushrooms that are recommended on The Naked Gardener site.
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