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    The first rule of Scam (busting) Camp is: If it seems too good to be true; it probably is ... Funnily enough that's the second rule too.

    Many of you know that my first and foremost job role is that of an IT Engineer a fixerer of computers - a whiz-kid.

    Upon investigating the marketplace which is swamped with Chinese sellers I wanted to test the waters.

    So, I bought a 'Kingston 256GB flash drive' for 10.32! They're worth around 400 RED FLAG.

    Upon its arrival date:
    The packaging was exceptional - it looked the real deal.

    I opened the packaging and there was my first doubt ... It weighed between nothing and 10g!

    The plastic was also of the cheap very brittle variety definitely not a thermoset plastic.

    Upon plugging this stick in it showed that it was 255GB - pretty standard stuff.

    Then, I tried to create a file of size 240 GB with the command fsutil file createnew filetest 24000000000 (or something similar) and was told there wasn't enough space on disk.

    I'd bought a dud. A reprogrammed chip worth about 5.

    Look at iOffer it's swamped with criminals.

    Remember, if it's too good to be true ...


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    Look at iOffer it's swamped with criminals.

    Remember, if it's too good to be true ...
    Another lesson learned!
    Don't get ripped off!! Stay informed!

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