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Thread: The Evolution of Clickbank.

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    The Evolution of Clickbank.

    I joined this outfit ages ago and I am curious to know how it has evolved. It has an A+ rating with BBB and 242 complaints which were all resolved very quickly. That is a promising start.

    I joined when I was a newbie and I discovered one very good electronically delivered product which I tried to sell as a Clickbank affiliate but I had absolutely no success which disappointed me because it was excellent value for money. The product was an e-book written by David Clement, whose hardback and paper back books make excellent presents. An electronically delivereds version should have sold like hot cakes in this part of London. David is very well known to people who play bridge well enough to be accepted into up market bridge clubs and he has been gonged at Buckingham Palace.

    Electronically delivered product by David Clement OBE

    I am not sure if David is still alive and I do not know anything about his present state of health. He was aged 73 ten years ago. I have too many things to do to spend time playing bridge now but it is certainly a form of socialising which I would have enjoyed, if I were one of the rich ladies of Knightsbridge. What I do know is that, his e-book was brilliant and a product like that would be an excellent idea for any legal Internet marketer to promote.

    I made some clickbank commission selling a registry cleaner but when my software support engineer warned me that the only version that he could recommend for use with their bespoke hardware and software was Winaso, I stopped selling the other version on Clickbank. Nobody who bought the tool from me complained or asked for their money back. I use Winaso now but I do not want to sell a product like that as I have a bespoke system supported by a team of excellent engineers who do not need to sell on the Internet.

    I did buy some sort of electronic store front which was utterly useless and I saw products appear which seemed very dubious so I cancelled my membershipI think the store was something like cbproads and it was designed by two brothers Rick and Ron Davies? Any comments on these two would be very informative.

    When I saw clickbank was being promoted as a get rich source of products by one of the slimiest toads I have encountered, I decided that it must have gone to the dogs. Stephen Hall Clickbank guru revied by RealScam

    I have just had two e-mails from clickbank and I am wondering why the kept my e-mail address when I had cancelled my memberspip. Are they building a spam list?
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