Wealthy Wheat Trader claims that regular binary options trading doesn't work. I guess that's a decent enough statement. Here it is:

WWT BO Not Work small.jpg

Also, Wealthy Wheat Trade Doesn't Work. Although they do have some very successful fake students:

WWT Members small.jpg

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For some reason, I'm also skeptical of their scarcity tactics:

WWT Limited Copies small.jpg

Mainly, because the ClickSure Blog put out this announcement about the Wealthy Wheat Trader program:

"Wealthy Wheat Trader is LIVE on ClickSure! Who would have thought you can
make money trading wheat? This will get the attention of your subscribers,
TRUST US!! This unique pitch has the ENTIRE binary industry buzzing right now!
The sales funnels and videos have been extensively tweaked and split tested,
and is ready for your traffic. There's also a $10,000 CASH CONTEST that's just started.
Get pushing this offer now!"
Wouldn't it be weird if they told all their affiliates to start pushing an offer that only had limited spaces? Yes, it would.