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Thread: Confirmed Profits - We All Know False Advertising is Illegal

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    Confirmed Profits - We All Know False Advertising is Illegal

    The Confirmed Profits video starts out with the bold and ridiculous statement:

    And later observes...

    Here are a few things that Confirmed Profits at does as a testimony to that observation...

    ...such as using a fake verification system like

    ...which is adminstered by a stock photo that they've named Roger Hall

    ....who gets around...

    ...and has assembled a team of stock photos and stolen images:

    Confirmed Profits really demonstrates how they'll do anything to scam people by taking stolen photos from across the web and making pretend FaceBook Comment feeds and Twitter Feeds:

    ...where people enjoy saying:

    "Holy Crap this is amazing, I've made $7,891.32 on my very first day using the verified trader system Confirmed Profits system binary amazing."
    I mean, I'm pretty sure FaceBook and Twitter don't store their images on the website:

    Of course, Confirmed Profits needed to demonstrate how basic scamming works, by using a couple big fake testimonials on the front page:

    And just a reminder, in case you had forgotten....

    "Look, just because we steal everybody ELSE's photos doesn't mean we're going to steal YOURS..."

    Please, say it isn't so...I mean, you were "featured on" and everything!

    Can I get a Roy Tribble-style Amen, my friends?

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    Re: Confirmed Profits - We All Know False Advertising is Illegal

    If there was a lego figure testimony, they may have sucked me in.
    Haven't lost any money to online scams.......results are typical.

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    Re: Confirmed Profits - We All Know False Advertising is Illegal

    Ha! "Jewish Guy of the Week" and a convicted felon! It just doesn't get any better than that.
    I tell you emphatically that this is the END of those evil doers, we must Apprehend and prosecute them accordingly.

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