From the ClickSure Blog here. They are very proud of the many scams that run through their network.

"Confirmed Profits
This HOT new launch is kicking off right now! You need to be ready as this will
ROCK your conversions like nothing else! This has been created to convert
all types of traffic - Forex, Binary, IM, Bizopp, General Investing, etc. EPCs
are averaging around $2.19 and there's also a HUGE cash contest about to be
announced. To one of the first to cash in on the prizes! You won't regret pushing
this offer."
See the discussion at RealScam here:

Trading Success Formula
Trading Success Formula is a BRAND NEW offer that's has just gone LIVE and already producing
shocking EPCs. Currently between $2.5-$3.97! The vendors have made sure this funnel CONVERTS!
Top Affiliates are banking hard with this and you can grab a share too. There is also a MASSIVE $400
CPA payout available. Along with a $10,000 cash contest. This launch is going to be HUGE and you
need to cash in on this right NOW!
This is another one using Fiverr testimonials we've seen on RealScam before.

Copy Trade Profit

This offer has just gone live and is on absolute FIRE! This is looking to
be a MASSIVE launch, with some CRAZY commissions to be made! EPC's
are insane, up to $7.77 - seriously! There's also a $10,000 cash contest on offer.
There's a lot of Affiliates who are banking big with this right NOW! So what
ever you do, do NOT miss this!
Haven't seen this one, but it's at and features a testimonial
by Elvira. But NOT this Elivira:

30 Day Millionaire
30 Day Millionaire has been live now for some time! However it continues to storm
up the ClickSure leaderboard. Currently 2nd and the conversions are not letting up!
With $0.80-$1,5 EPCs across the board you should jump on it ASAP. This has been
designed to CONVERT! You should really be cashing in on this whilst you have the
chance! Promote this NOW!
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Oil Millionaire App
Oil Millionaire App has been seeing some INSANE conversions.
Top Affiliates have made over $15,000 in commissions! $250 CPA
for an offer that has been making Affiliates average EPCs of $2.18!
It has been put together by some of the best in the business and the
copy has been crafted so that it rakes in maximum conversions. There's
also a MASSIVE $20,000 cash contest up for grabs. You seriously can't miss out on this!
See the discussion at RealScam here:

Profit Hacker System
Profit Hacker System has stormed up the ClickSure Leaderboard! Where
seeing some insane conversions on this offer. Top Affiliates are raking in
the commissions and the EPCs continue to soar! The team behind this launch
are the ones behind numerous successful launches on the ClickSure network.
So they know how to make offers that convert! Start pushing this now before
it's too late.
This one hasn't been discussed here, but it did set off my antivirus when I tried
to go to
"Thanks", ClickSure.