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Thread: "bent" broker steals 2100 from me, then I get stalked by internet "small claims advice" legalcompanie that want to scam

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    "bent" broker steals 2100 from me, then I get stalked by internet "small claims advice" legalcompanie that want to scam

    This is regarding a broker scam I am currently victim of in 2014. I put 2100 on 60000 shares of San Leon Energy at 3.5p with this broker James H of,in late February 2014. He gave me a username & password to log into & view my share.

    I made this payment into, his escrow agent, whoalso had a website on Feb 27th.

    James Halliday who speaks with a USA accent is normally polite and he is of a culture not found in the UK. He rang me from seeing my mobile number I had sent to a financial newsletter. Mr Halliday would call almost daily to chat to me regarding the Shares, San Leon Energy, & how much money it could make. He said he was a New Yorker who moved to london 8 y ago & was handling lots of clients. He said it was going to make loads of money. He had wanted another 2400 to invest in Poundland & at this point I backed off at the last minute. He would say he had a home in Chelsea borough of London UK & flew to Dublin on weekends to attend San Leon Energy conferences. I did not follow his precise role in the company though. I had asked to meet James in person, & he hadsaid would have me attend shareholders meeting in May. But in May he refused saying the meeting was for corporates. I became suspicious & requested he sell my shares, & refund me the balance & close the account.

    At this point James H did what one can say is absconding. I got email from him 9 May agreeing to sell my shares. I emailed him 27th May asking to sell my shares & reimburse my checking account.

    Eventually I rang the Financial Ombudsman who said I have to call FCA (financial conduct authority)(0800 111 6768 ) who in turn aid they cannot help, gave me a number for Actionfraud, 0300 123 2040

    Actionfraud who gave me a crime reference number Crime Ref# NFRC140600648779 & I also filed a small claims request online on 3 Jun Actionfraud had an announcement playing that they may not help, & they gave a crime reference number, & talked at length. They gave me a username password to "log in" at actionfaud, to submit further details should they arise

    I tried to "log in" to Actionfraud but adding my user name & password did not result in seeing my account online. Sending information down that website was like throwing something into the lake,& TRUSTING someone would
    pick it up

    The next 2 times I tried to speak to Action fraud proved disappointing. They said once they gave username & password one time to me; there is no record of the same on their system. They also said once they give a crime
    reference number, their "system" forgets it for good.

    I was unsure what to do next, as the registered post I sent them 6th June, & 11th June, were returned by the postman. So I googled "small claims lawyer". I contacted 3 websites/companies to get a phone consultation about the small claims process.

    All 3 were disappointing, & eager to pounce on a scammed person The first website did not charge money but they just asked me to call the financial ombudsman. So did not know their job.

    The second website, appearing to operate in many towns has only one lady who runs the show & she misunderstood my claim as being for 14.99 but the correct figure was 1499 which is what I requested James H to pay.

    So she too did not know her job.

    The last one, which completely put me off trying to have a phone consultation, was I mean they acted as if they were very interested, even desperate I take the advice of a particular girl who worked in their office. They said the moment I called I would hear from her, & I had to pay a higher amount than his website says $49. The company were desperate to look for a woman onto me & it was not acceptable to them I spoke with men. Anything Tracy called & started off like she would latch on & never leave me alone, as long as I lived"

    I think the idea is to put women with women, but then they do things in a "very different way" where neither civil courtesy nor fair rules are followed. For example her not coming to the phone getting referred by a proxy, planning to make an elaborate "do" of my case, charging larger amounts than specified on their website for a consultation.

    I guess I have a history of receiving abuse if I criticized a woman, & fancy the court may quash my claim, even though the FCA have listed him as an illegal broker if I said I find this annoying I am palmed off to women plus they have been extortionists. I have a history of people lying about me under oath.

    I wanted to mention these things because I want the public to know these companies helping with small claims are not providing a good service plus there is no one who will help me on the matter,plus I think Shephensons are trying to scam the scammed in the guise of giving "yelp" "help" "help" "help"

    I further found out from "Companies house" is still a "live" company in June 2014, whereas there is no company by the name of who have listed on their website as address in London & one in Munchen Germany. Also sometime between Feb 2014 when I bought the shares from James Halliday & in May 2014 the website had been taken down & their domain offered for sale.

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    Re: "bent" broker steals 2100 from me, then I get stalked by internet "small claims advice" legalcompanie that want to

    Unfortunately, I don't think you're going to have much luck in finding PL-Securities.

    It is a Panamanian company and it's website is hosted in Panama

    If there is an office in London, it is probably a virtual office, with no staff.

    There is also a warning about the activities of PL-Securities on the Financial Conduct Authority website HERE

    If you have any further questions on this matter please email our Consumer Contact Centre at, or alternatively by telephone on 0800 111 6768. Overseas callers can contact us on (+44) 20 7066 1000
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