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Thread: Peter Fan

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    Peter Fan

    Peter Fan via
    Aug 19 (1 day ago)

    to me
    Hey I just got some BAD NEWS that I wanna share with you.

    Usually I'm not one for dwelling on sob stories but it's
    important for you to know that even though life is pretty
    sweet these days...

    ... **** still happens to all of us.

    There are unexpected curve balls in life that we all have to face.
    That's just the way it is.

    So I got a message from my mom on Whatsapp this morning,
    which is how I stay in touch with her since relocating to the

    And she told me that a close family friend who used to look after
    me as a child, had passed away...

    ... Which is not the sort of news that anyone wants to wake up to.

    Not exactly sure what happened yet. I'm guessing I'll get more details
    over the next few days.

    Why am I sharing this all this with you?

    Because you're blessed my friend.

    If you woke up this morning with the strength to get out of bed then you
    still have the hope of accomplishing whatever you want in life.

    But there are people who didn't wake up today.

    There are people who passed on unexpectedly with unfinished plans and
    incomplete dreams.

    ... Who kept on saying "tomorrow I'm gonna do this"...

    ... But one day tomorrow never came and it was too late!

    There are people who wish they could come back and do life all over again
    but they can't.


    Because 3 things in life are certain:


    So I'm feeling extra blessed today.

    You should feel extra blessed too.

    And neither of us should take another moment of life for granted. It's simply
    too short and far too precious.

    Make every second count.

    Maybe you're still STUCK in a JOB that you hate.

    Maybe you're struggling in your business and wondering if Lady Luck will ever
    shine on you.

    Whatever the case may be I know one thing for sure.

    If you're reading this email you're alive. And that means there's still time.

    Thanks to my internet business I was able to meet my soulmate. We were also
    able to relocate to a tropical paradise here in the Bahamas.

    And because we have an Automated System that generates multiple six figures
    each year, we're able to spend our precious time together... doing the things
    we love.

    That's the beauty of this

    It isn't about the money or getting recognition all over the internet.

    It's not about having people pay as much as $12,000 to learn from us.

    This is about creating UNLIMITED time freedom so we can experience as many
    happy times in life as possible.

    That's what truly counts in life.

    And it's about giving back to others. Showing them how to live this lifestyle too.
    It's about donating to dog shelters and helping abandoned puppies find great
    new homes.

    You my friend have a special gift inside of you that's waiting to be unlocked.

    And you owe it to yourself, to your family and to the world as a whole to unlock
    it sooner rather than later.

    Here is your key and combination code

    Don't put off until tomorrow what you have the power to do today.

    Tomorrow may never come.

    Peter Fan
    Still Traveling!
    Work Smart.Profit Fast.Live Free!

    2212 Bruce
    Canberra ACT 2617

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    Re: Peter Fan

    The website doesn't look at all like a squillion other "get-rich-quick" websites at all, does it, really ???

    Peter Fan earnings disclaimer.

    Oh, all right then, I'll concede his "earnings disclaimer" is just the teensiest bit like a squillion other earnings disclaimers on a squillion other "get-rich-quick-scheme" websites

    Peter FanYins' impeterfan page on Facebook
    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing

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    Re: Peter Fan

    Yes, Peter of one of the many, but what about the platform Peter and gazilion others are using to pimp their scam du jour?

    Email Marketing Software from AWeber | AWeber Email Marketing

    They are probably going to claim to be blind as newborn kittens to their system being used for nefarious purposes.


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