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Thread: Paul Rubinstein - Scammer and Pyramid / Ponzi Schemer

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    Paul Rubinstein - Scammer and Pyramid / Ponzi Schemer

    Paul Rubinstein: Paul_Rubinstein.jpg

    Facebook Page:

    Paul Rubinstein is a long time scammer who's been jumping from scheme to scheme for years. Except now it appears he's launching a program of his own.

    From this description it sounds an awful lot like Digital Altitude, which was recently shut down by the FTC. You can read more about that here:

    It's so funny how every new shiny object is referred to as something that's "never been accomplished before in the industry..." when the truth is it's just the same old rehashed pyramid cash-gifting scheme we've seen 1000's of times.

    How do I know so much about this "industry leader"? I used to BE one:

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    Re: Paul Rubinstein - Scammer and Pyramid / Ponzi Schemer

    Geez, G_R, are you sure you have the right guy ??

    * Doesn't want women in his "team"

    * Thinks he's some sort of cartoon gangster.

    * Has the most disreputable bunch of "friends" on Facebook

    * Makes nonsensical income claims

    * Seriously - Ask me how ???

    You gotta be joking, the only people who post "ask me how" are low level pimps from third world countries
    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing

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