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Thread: Nick Johnson - Ponzi and Crypto Scammer

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    Nick Johnson - Ponzi and Crypto Scammer

    Nick Johnson is the person behind Click Intensity, which launched a couple years back, and then folded about a year later. It was your run of the mill ad/web-surf ponzi. When it collapsed, Nick launched another ponzi called AdsCash Coin. Then a 3rd called iCoin Market. Those both predictably suffered the same fate. You can learn more about these programs here:

    I'm not exactly sure what he's up to, but now it appears Nick is intending to launch an actual crypto coin. I'm not well-versed on crypto, but perhaps someone else here on RS has some insight on what Nick's end-game might be?

    How do I know so much about this "industry leader"? I used to BE one:

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    Re: Nick Johnson - Ponzi and Crypto Scammer

    There's a huge difference between "launching an actual crypto coin" and launching an ICO, (initial coin offering)

    Without an actual workable coin, all you are doing is financing a coin that may or not happen, most probably being promoted by someone like Nick Johnson

    IOW, you're gambling 1) the crypto coin will actually launch 2) the coin will increase in value 3) the crypto coin will have a use outside the "program" 4) The crypto coin is "legal"

    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing

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