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Thread: Michael and Lisa Ferrin Mentored by Tim Darnell and Jack Weinzierl of Advantage Conferences

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    Michael and Lisa Ferrin Mentored by Tim Darnell and Jack Weinzierl of Advantage Conferences

    Mentoring Disciples

    Sharing truth & powerful information to improve people's lives and finances; to empower them to make the biggest positive impact in the world.

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    Monday, March 31, 2008

    Welcome to Mentoring Disciples!

    Welcome to the Mentoring Disciples blog. We look forward to sharing with you and encouraging one another in this exciting journey of life. We will share interesting information, sites, and blogs we come across to add value to your life. One of the most impactful truths we have come across is the life changing mentoring we have experienced at Advantage Conferences. It has improved our lives so dramatically that we are dedicated to helping others transform their lives into all they can be and make the biggest positive impact on the world around them. We invite you to learn more about us and the powerful mentoring we are blessed to be a part of by visiting:

    Michael & Lisa Ferrin
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    re: Michael and Lisa Ferrin Mentored by Tim Darnell and Jack Weinzierl of Advantage Conferences

    Wednesday, April 2, 2008

    Free Footsteps of Faith Messenger

    The Footsteps of Faith Messenger is a free weekly spiritually inspiring message that is read by over 9,000 people all around the world. One of the great aspects of it is the "Cover to Cover Campaign" which encourages people to read through the Bible and gives them a month by month reading guide line to accomplish this richly rewarding endeavor in one year. You can receive it by going to and clicking the Footsteps of Faith Messenger on the top right of the page. Enjoy.
    Is this what those scumbags were referring to?:
    You will find this interesting how Tim managed/smeared your name and reputation in his weekly outcry.

    From: Advantage Conferences <>
    Date: November 1, 2007 5:09:23 PM CST

    Subject: Footsteps of Faith Messenger

    Purpose: Spreading Good News to the World!

    Cover to Cover Campaign

    One of the greatest and most rewarding tasks you can ever accomplish is the reading of the Bible from Genesis all the way through Revelation. If you would like to start this journey (we read slowly), you are welcome to join an ever-growing group! Simply signify your intentions by clicking here. You will be blessed!
    NEW TO THE BIBLE? If you are a new Christian or just haven't done much Bible reading yet, prior to committing to the Cover to Cover Campaign, I suggest you read three books in the New Testament for starters. Read the books of Matthew, John, and James. These wonderful books will give you a great introduction to the Christian faith and will be very eye-opening for you! Starting here will allow you to have a fresh perspective to begin the Cover to Cover study.

    Footsteps of Faith Messenger - Issue 178

    Choosing Sides
    Luke 12:51
    Tim Darnell
    The time is already here. It is a time where Believers and Non-Believers are so distinctly divergent in their views that multiple battles are taking place on many fronts all over the world. I vividly see distinct battle-lines as Founder of a boldly Christ-centered business that functions in a secular marketplace. And I believe the divide is going to become more pronounced and confrontational for both sides in the very near future.
    Which side are you on?

    1. Non-Believers – the world. Many in this vast population even call themselves Christian, but really don’t, won’t, and can’t stand up for anything, and they are determined to not bother anyone else. Factually, the majority of Christians fall into this category. They believe the distinction between right or wrong is a personal decision because there really are no absolutes or standards in life worth being vocal about, especially if it could lead to disagreement or conflict. These are people guided much more by the world, anything that is financially expedient, and society’s popular trends, than they are led by their belief in Jesus Christ and the presence of the Holy Spirit (this very sentence is to them, ‘gobble-di-goop’). They arepolitically correct. They are much more led by and dependent on the company in which they are employed, and their paycheck than they are their convictions regarding Jesus. Virtually all of their decisions are made based on the almighty dollar, not Almighty God.

      Who are Non-Believers?
      1. Nominal Christians – Christian in name only, milquetoast observers of “religion”, but people who lack a genuine foundation in, and reliance on, the Bible - and in reality possess few convictions about anything. Pleasure seeking, they don’t have genuine joy regarding the redeemed life or salvation. They may not like evil, but they’re not really against abortion, the homosexual and anti-traditional marriage movement, or religions and entities that are not Christ centered. Discernment is not Biblically based for them, but rather a personal, day to day cognitive process (human reasoning is the real guide).
      2. Social Chameleons - adapt to whatever environment they are currently in regardless of beliefs and classification. “It’s all good…” When in church, they are Christians. When in a rock concert, they’re equally as committed to, and part of a God-less, hedonistic scene.
      3. New Agers – have an affinity for positive materials, but refer to God as the higher power, or the universe. They view Jesus as a very good person, the master teacher (if the subject of His Name comes up at all), although only one of many. The Bible is good for the New Ager only for the fact that it has some good “sayings” and quotes that can be used to support whatever mystical theory (“secret”) they are promoting at the time.
      4. Agnostics – it doesn’t matter whether or not there is a spiritual realm or the ‘so-called’ God of the Bible.
      5. Atheists – there is no God.

    2. Believers –Christ-centered individuals who believe and live their life according to their belief in Jesus Christ, the Word of God - every day of the week. They are not perfect by any stretch, but they believe that there is such a thing as unwavering truth - solid absolutes that can be ascertained via the Bible and revelation from the Holy Spirit, and that those directives can be lived by and lived out. They believe that these absolutes are worthy of maintaining and striving for. These vibrant, Politically Incorrect people are not ruled by the world’s standards or by what the world thinks of them, but rather, rely on the Word of God on a daily basis for direction, strength, and discernment. They believe Jesus Christ (not just God, and not the church, the Pope, a political party, or a church’s constitution) is central to, and vitally important for, every aspect of their life.

    If you haven’t made distinct choices about what you really believe in life, then it’s easy to migrate in and out of any business, club, church, organization, country, etc., without any problem at all. You can be a social chameleon, changing your beliefs to suit the people with whom you are currently in contact. The ‘easy’ thing about being adaptable as a social chameleon is that no one will really be threatened by you, because you are someone who really stands for nothing. You strive to be liked by whomever you are around at the time and that is exactly the kind of person most people prefer. Fitting in is the goal, rather than following Jesus.
    Non-believers simply look for comfort and pleasure for themselves and their family. They sometimes will reach out to help others, but that is usually a short-lived, sporadic lifestyle when not prompted and sustained by genuine Godly strength.
    The world is not threatened by Non-Believers, only by true Believers - strong individuals who know to Whom they belong, in Whom they believe, and Who they serve. To the dismay of the world, Believers are courageous enough to take a stand in their life. These are the Warriors – reminiscent of David’s mighty men. (Many of these Believer/Warriors are strong Christian women, lest you think I’m gender biased – which is not at all the case.) Warriors are individuals who go into the secular world with their message, beyond the four walls of the church, living their daily lives on the front lines. They are the ones who can be counted on to lovingly and firmly speak up for King Jesus and the Truth of the Bible regardless of environment or circumstances.

    And Warriors are the very ones who will consistently bear the brunt of attack and persecution. Why - because people who truly believe in Christ present a disturbing challenge to those who have not taken a stand for the Truth. The message of the Gospel is Good News to those who believe, but it is horrifying to those who don’t. True Believers attend and support the church, but they live their lives outside of the four walls of the church in the light of His love smack dab in the middle of the dog-eat-dog world. Their light is evidenced in service, courage, diligence, work, consistency, congruence, patience, and tireless ministry away from the safety of the fortress of the church. But True Believers are irritating to the world. Their light is abhorrent to those who have chosen to dwell in the shadows. And Non-Warriors/Non-Believers certainly aren’t willing to go through what Warriors are willing to face and endure.
    Warriors dare to speak up for Jesus in places that have formally or informally outlawed the mention of His Mighty Name. The marketplace is with few exceptions, one such place, if not the most needed place for this to happen. Say the name of Jesus in the marketplace. Do it consistently and watch the demons of hell come out from under the bogs and out of their comfortable cesspools, spewing hideous, wretched venom. Funny thing about those demons – they always prefer to work under the cover of darkness. They’re great at espionage and covert, cowardly hit and run tactics. But, boy, do they hate the light.
    We’ve encountered many of those demons on the Internet. They can hurl their lies and hate-filled accusations, saying virtually anything they want about True Believers, their number one targets, because they can denunciate and attempt to destroy with very little fear of reprisal. Virtually all choose to remain anonymous for fear of being exposed! They’ll also resort to other methods, like making phone calls to try to malign and destroy a Believer’s character, business, and reputation, the content of those messages and calls always being jaded, twisted, and oftentimes, malicious lies.
    “But, a good man, when attacked, allows time to prove him right.” (unknown)
    Demons of the Internet remind me of road-rage drivers who feel like they have license and power to attack others while in their cars. Those same people would never be involved in those kinds of attacks if they were person to person, not empowered by the machismo and shelter of their automobile – a strange, almost unexplainable phenomenon. People have aggressive tendencies that are dormant under certain conditions, yet are released and expressed in others. It is clear that there is more pent-up anger and hatred roaming around than we care to admit.
    On the Internet, lies are the essence and substance of the attacks. In my case, one such attacker, a Heather Dobrott from Garland, Texas, has literally and physically stalked me and my top Representative, Jack Weinzierl, for over two years now. We only now know her name after she called many of our Guest Mentors, hotel management, our Pastors and Staff of our churches. This has gone on for literally years, although she finally made the mistake of leaving her real name and contact information with one of our speakers. She’s made defaming my name and character, including several of our top business associates, a career path. I’m still mystified by her hatred and obsession, but it is indeed the reality we’ve experienced.
    Well, Tim, that’s certainly not politically correct to share her name in a published document. Exactly. That’s what the enemy relies on – nobody taking a stand; nobody enunciating the truth. The enemy relies on our abdication of the podium. The problem with our not speaking up is that it turns the microphone over to the enemy, front and center. If I knew a thief that was clearly robbing homes in your neighborhood, would you prefer that I not expose him and let you discover (the hard way) his real name after the fact - after you’ve been robbed? Those who stand for nothing believe you shouldn’t speak out. But Warriors understand the importance of knowing who the enemy is. When the enemy chooses you as a target, you’d better clearly understand, acknowledge and react to the fact of who they are and that you are indeed in a battle. In fact, naming your enemy is the first step to Slaying Your Giant©!
    This woman has physically followed us on multiple occasions, taken pictures of our homes, taken pictures of our vehicles (why – I have no idea), our families, and most noticeably, posted negative filth about my character and every move I’ve ever made in our Christ-centered business - all on a regular basis. It brings to her an apparently needed sense of importance, and functionally raises the particular blog and website higher in the search engine rankings. Not a word has to be true, yet it still gets to the public. She presents a case based on some truth, but twists each fact to make me and my associates look like the negative opposite of what we really are.
    Is that not the exact way the way the enemy, the father of lies, teaches his pupils to operate? Take the truth and twist it just enough to still appear plausible, but present it in such a way as to tear that person down. Never say anything positive. Cast aspersions. Make demeaning remarks constantly. Question their intentions continually. Deny any good they’ve ever done. Condemn their morality. Deny their Christianity. Say anything you possibly can to make them look bad. Make fun of their business acumen. Berate their ideals. Talk about their clothes, their hair, their children, their parents – whatever, just be sure to put them down. The enemy does all of these things as a way of life.

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    re: Michael and Lisa Ferrin Mentored by Tim Darnell and Jack Weinzierl of Advantage Conferences

    Non-Believers treat Believers in a variety of ways:

    1. Ignore
    2. Avoid
    3. Dialogue and Respect (thank God – there are many civil Non-Believers!)
    4. Gossip (anonymously posted on the Internet)
    5. Lies and character assassination (about any and/or every aspect of a person’s life)
    6. Stalking (I naively thought that just occurred on television)
    7. Organized Attacks (misery loves company – get others involved in the hate fest)
    8. Political Agendas / Lobbying (the homosexual lobby has been and still is the most powerful, highly organized group in Congress)
    9. Elect Liberal Judges (Justice? – a figment of our imagination. If you don’t believe this one, you’ll be welcomed with a wink and open arms in the courtroom.)
    10. Pass Laws that Outlaw Truth and the Word of God (is it now illegal to use the terms, “husband and wife” in California – no, I’m not making this up)
    11. Death Threats – oh, yeah, lot’s of bravado on the Internet!

    The courts, at least in Texas, are filled with liberal judges, so the anti-Christian, anti-Capitalism, and anti-Republican movement is for all intents and purposes, sanctioned. If you fall under two or three of these classifications, then, all I can say is good luck in a court of law, you’re going to need it.
    The problem with the Heather Dobrott’s of the world is that they will definitely have an influence on folks in the Non-Believer category. Since Non-Believers are the majority, then she’ll be somewhat successful, even in the midst of their obviously biased, one-sided, negative stance. The world loves negativity and destructive language. It’s what they understand and literally pay to hear.
    The good thing about the Heather Dobrott’s of the world is that they help cull (that’s a farming term meaning ‘picking out the bad plants or animals’) the Non-Believers and Non-Warriors out of my business and out of my life. Why is that a good thing?
    Because Non-Believers are value-less on the front lines. They hinder the cause of Christ and hinder those who have taken that stand. Confronted with the difference in my message and her message, each person has to take a stand. They have to make a decision as to which camp they’re really in. You can’t believe me and Heather at the same time. One is right and the other is wrong. Whichever one you believe indicates who you serve – the world or Jesus. So, she unwittingly serves a valuable service for my family, my business and in truth, all of God’s kingdom! You see, I really don’t want and can’t use Non-Believers in my business. Nor does God allow them into His kingdom, although He does use the enemy at times to further His kingdom. (see: Romans 8:28, Genesis 50:20)
    Non-Believers fall for anything, usually flat on their face when making decisions. They simply don’t have the backbone or ‘ankle strength’ needed to accomplish what could, and should be, their God-given agenda.
    Non-Believers consistently avoid anything that could harm their income or current lifestyle. So, if they see that I, for instance, am under attack while standing for Christ, they’ll not choose to support me, nor will they support anyone else in a similar situation. No, they’ll tuck tail and run in order to avoid any potential confrontation or conflict. Their guiding mechanism is to protect the mammon (worldly possessions and money) to which they dearly cling and on which they depend. They prefer to placate and empathize with the enemy rather than stand strong against the enemy.
    The fact is, Jesus Christ, came to divide. He said so Himself in Luke 12:51, “Do you think I have come to bring peace on earth? No, I tell you, but division.” Have I seen this in a very real and personal way?!? Yes, I certainly have. And if you choose to follow Him as a True Believer and a Warrior, then don’t expect everyone to treat you the affable way to which you’ve grown accustomed. Pleasing the world is easy. It’s a free ticket into any environment. But that automatic glide you’ve been on in “please the world mode” is really nothing more than a free-fall. You’re going to face and join Jesus now or you’ll be forced to make the “side” decision at impact or some point soon. The latter is not what Christ wants for you. He says the right timing for you to choose to enter the “narrow door” is now, and that door will soon be shut. (see: Luke 13:22-30)
    So, which side do you choose to be on? You’ve got to take a stand against the lies and deceptions of the world and determine what “truth” really is for your life. My truth is Jesus Christ, the very best and only viable choice – the only side on which to stand. If you choose your own thinking as truth, you’ve missed the mark. You’ll be on the wrong side. If you listen to and fall for the Heather Dobrott’s, cynical, satanic attacks, you will have missed truth completely. But when you start reading God’s Word, and get on your knees humbly seeking His voice, you’ll begin to hear the very voice of God and come to know Jesus Christ personally. His voice is soft, often barely a whisper. The world’s voice is loud and brash. Yet, He is the only “Truth, Way, and Life” (see John 14:6), and you’ve got to choose which of the two voices you’re going to follow. This is a very clear distinction of no small consequence. The choice is indeed a dividing line for life and death.
    Once you’ve firmly chosen the side of Truth – Jesus Christ, you’ll start recognizing other men and women of God who have taken a stand along with you. My message will ring true with you because you’ll recognize truth when it is spoken. That is in no way to elevate or glorify me at all. It is rather to God’s glory that you turn off the voices of deception and listen to people like myself, though imperfect, who lead their lives guided by His truth. You will support them and they will support you in the struggle.
    I have prayed for Heather for two years now. I believe that even a person with her past has a good side and that she will soon show that side. I believe she will be convicted of the folly of her words and ways, become a True Believer, and repent of the scoffer and mocker mentality and personality she’s exhibited for so long. Her life is in God’s hands, not mine. We know that Truth - Jesus Christ, wins in the end. In the meantime, we are fully aware that Warriors and True Believers will face persecution – that is a given, and it’s OK. That’s the life of a Warrior for Christ, and we are very clear as to which side we’ve chosen.
    If you are facing persecution because of your stance for Christ, then I know whose side you are on. Praise God for you and your choice. If you’re not facing persecution because of your stance regarding Christ, then that’s a very good indication you are not a threat to the world because you are really no different than those who have chosen the world’s side.
    In our life, we have to choose sides. Which one is it for you?
    If you would like to commit your life to Jesus Christ, you can do so, and thereby experience the most important gift ever offered to mankind! You don’t have to be perfect – I’m certainly not and I know you aren’t either. In fact, we all sin and fall far short of perfection. Won’t you make the greatest decision you can ever make? I pray that you will do so today.
    To accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, click this link:

    Tim Darnell is a Christian business owner, professional recording artist, and most importantly, husband to Cathy and father to Lindy, Hannah, and Caleb.
    Folks that get that get the facts refuse to push such obvious scams and turn scammers like Darnell into the authorities. Michael and Lisa should read these threads:

    Soapboxmom / Heather
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    Re: Michael and Lisa Ferrin Mentored by Tim Darnell and Jack Weinzierl of Advantage Conferences

    Thursday, April 17, 2008

    Exceeding Expectations - Advantage Conferences

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    To your great success !

    Wednesday, April 30, 2008

    Mentoring Disciples - Michael & Lisa Ferrin

    We are Michael & Lisa Ferrin, Mentoring Disciples. It is so rewarding to contribute to others and make a difference in the world by mentoring disciples of Christ and training them to become mentors themselves. We have been able to contribute to, encourage, minister and enhance lives around the globe because of the marketplace ministry we are proud to be a part of.

    By continually contributing to the improvements of others lives you can make an even greater positive impact on the world. Duplication is key to maximizing what can be accomplished. The value of a good mentor in a person's life can be the difference between average results or extraordinary results. Most highly successful people will attest to that difference and the impact mentoring has made in their lives. We certainly do.

    We are thankful daily for Advantage Mentoring and it's founder, Tim Darnell, for his vision, faithfulness to the vitally important work God has called him to do, and for the personal impact he has had on our lives. The positive impact of this education, ministry and home income opportunity are literally changing lives and as it continues to grow will change communities and even nations. Praise God!

    To read more about the specialized Christ centered mentoring and home income we share around the world go to our website

    Michael & Lisa Ferrin
    Friday, June 27, 2008

    Mindset Mentoring Conference VII

    The Seventh Mindset Mentoring Conference is Nov. 6 & 7th,2009 in Dallas, Texas and we can't wait! Find out what these life changing, powerful events are all about.

    From the Advantage Conferences site, Mindset Mentoring Conference Page:

    Are you serious about changing your annual income? Can you see yourself becoming financially independent rather than relegated to a lifetime of employment? If you are intent on creating a lifestyle that includes genuine Financial Security, Time Freedom, and Lifestyle Options, you can do so by learning how highly successful people think as regards Faith in God, Family, Health, Business and Finances.

    Here is a simple fact…

    What holds most people back is their thinking. Mentoring is the very device that allows a person to uncover what is wrong about their thinking and how they can replace the erroneous thinking with better, more effective and productive thinking.

    For instance, if you wanted to become a Millionaire, you would be smart to uncover how Millionaires think on multiple subjects. You will find that they do think and act differently from the masses, and knowing those differences is truly empowering. You may be surprised to find that the motive for greater resources is to have the ability to GIVE MORE to Christian ministries and causes that are Biblically sound.

    But, how can you learn to adopt this kind of thinking? You could read certain books and listen to a variety of audio programs. You could register for courses in Entrepreneurship or Finance. We recommend you do some or all of these things.

    HOWEVER, books, audio programs, and college classes will only take you so far. No, the optimal way to learn the secrets of successful people is to go straight to them for training.

    This powerful, unique method pioneered by Advantage Conferences is the most effective way to genuinely capture the correct Mindset you need for dramatic advancement. The Mindset MentoringSM Conference delivers Mindset information that deals with the intangibles that lead to the understanding of how to transform your current situation. What you are going to find will revolutionize your approach to Christ, business, money, finances, family, and virtually everything you do!

    Advantage Conferences carefully selects Christian Millionaire and Multi-Millionaire Mentors from a variety of different backgrounds and industries who donate their valuable time to tell their stories, teach their deepest beliefs, and offer their most pertinent advice. The Conference takes place in an intimate, interactive classroom setting where an elite handful of elite MMC Attendees are "tuned in" to this unique, inspiring and life-changing education.

    This PRICELESS information will help you transform your "Current-Income Mindset" into a “Higher Income Mindset”. Armed with new Thinking and Strategies stimulated from the wisdom and heart of AC’s Christian Millionaires, you will now be prepared to truly gain control of your life and dramatically transform your financial situation!

    Attendees are Allowed to Ask Questions for advice regarding their specific enterprise, financial situation, challenges, giving habits, decisions, choices, and strategies Mindset MentoringSM Conference Attendees are invited to attend future MMC's at reduced prices. Imagine making this event your periodic success stimulus and guidance mechanism! Upon interviewing highly successful people, you will find that the majority were disciplined about consistently acquiring education that helped them move forward. That discipline includes putting aside 5% of their budget, and even more in many cases, for personal training, consulting, and mentoring.

    In fact, most will tell you that "Continuing Adult Education is absolutely crucial to anyone's success." Non-College Adult Education is now a $10+ Billion Industry.

    Above from Tim Darnell, on our site

    Attendee Testimonies:

    I had received a glimpse of what the Mindset MentoringSM Conference might be about while listening to the Mindset Calls every Thursday. But, the Conference itself actually went right off the scale. It was absolutely awesome. The speakers, their stories, the total environment; Christ-centered yet down to earth. It was a very nurturing atmosphere where normally we look for information on the exterior how to become successful and prosperous; here it was driven from the interior; from the Christ within that makes all things possible when we place our trust in His Goodness. Thank you Tim for making this a reality for many. Looking forward to seeing you at the next one in Dallas. — Rosa Shala

    The MMC in September was a transformational event for me personally, and my family vicariously. The intensive sessions with these Christian millionaires provided repeating yet varied themes of struggle and ultimate victory. Meeting these “ordinary” people who, through faith, have become extraordinary leaders in service for God’s Kingdom has given me the inspiration I need to persevere and achieve my own victory for God’s glory. — Scott Whited

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    Re: Michael and Lisa Ferrin Mentored by Tim Darnell and Jack Weinzierl of Advantage Conferences

    Thursday, September 18, 2008

    New Life Changing Mentoring Site

    Greetings everyone,

    As we celebrate our two year anniversary with the company, it is great timing to have up our new site. Check it out and tell us what you think. What a great place to be and getting better all the time. We have learned and grown so much and are blessed to be part of such a wonderful AC family. With the media and majority constantly saying the sky is falling - our future has never been brighter and the sky is the limit for abundance and helping others achieve the same. Let us know if we can be of any service. We are ready to help anyone who wants to work from home and create the life they have always wanted.

    Blessings to you all,

    Michael & Lisa Ferrin

    Mentoring Disciples
    Thursday, October 9, 2008

    Awesome New Advantage Mentoring Video!

    Click link at LifeChangingMentoring to see the truly awesome new Advantage Mentoring Video. We are so glad to be a part of it. Exciting times. The future is very bright at Advantage Conferences. We love it and look forward to a lifetime of sharing it around the world, improving one life at a time.
    Monday, December 1, 2008

    Advantage Conferences Marketing & Finance Super Saturday

    Report on November's SUPER SATURDAY

    Advantage Conference's Super Saturday on Saturday, November 15, 2008 was truly sensational and filled to the brim with instructional, helpful content for business owners and business professionals. Here are a few of the reports that have come in.

    Congratulations on your many hours of nuts and bolts information - it was terrific. Karen and I were there for every minute. She was typing like crazy and I was writing. All of your chosen speakers were God-inspired and speaking from the heart with the holy spirit whispering in their ears. This technology allowed us to pour our own coffee and still give input through the open mike and type in on the forum. I am glad you chose this format. I look forward to the day when we have 1000's on the call. It's coming thanks to your perseverance. By coincidence I was talking to the people at go-to-meeting this past week. It was good to see it in action. We have to deal with sales people all across Canada in my business and we also will upgrade to the webinars. Karen signed up for the 30 day challenge that Jack Weinzierl led us to right away. Thanks again!

    ...Jim - VP Corp Development

    "Super Satrurday was "WOW!" definitely enlightening, packed full of useful information. I took a lot of notes and am printing them out to keep for referrence.


    The Super Saturday Conference was perfect timing for us, with the cutting edge marketing, mindset and financial information we need to maximize our resources, stay competitive in the marketplace and best prosper in a challenging world. Sincere thanks to all of the presenters, all are top of their fields, who delivered easy to understand, usable and powerful information to ignite all who attended. Truly a power packed day that we deeply appreciate and will put what we learned into motion to produce great results in our businesses and lives. Thank you Advantage Conferences for continuing to deliver what all entrepreneurs and business people need and want.

    ...Lisa & Michael Ferrin

    Again, I was in awe of the type of preparation and effort you put into your presentations. Your speakers were very interesting. I thank God the day I found your site on the internet and how each lesson you have prepared has worked with my life and the life that Jim and I have together. Thanks again for your tremendous effort.


    Advantage Conferences has solutions to lots of the money problems of life and we have to share it with the world, because there are people out there hurting. But as Jack Weinzierl said, "We have to get out of my space, and our space, so we can get to their space, to share it, and make a difference. Let's do it, The world needs what we have here at AC.

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    What a load. Jack Weinzierl, the scammer-in-chief had declared chapter 7 bankruptcy in August 2008 after having made virtually nothing in this scam in 2007-2008. AC mentored him into financial ruin and he didn't renew for 2009. That is piled really high and deep!!!


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    Re: Michael and Lisa Ferrin Mentored by Tim Darnell and Jack Weinzierl of Advantage Conferences

    Thursday, January 8, 2009

    Best Year Ever through Advantage Conferences

    2009 is shaping up to be an incredible year. Our calendar is filling up with exciting upcoming trips including Tahoe, Montana, Kentucky, upstate New York, and New England in the fall. The two trips we are really looking forward to, knowing they will be highly impactful and the most rewarding are the upcoming Mindset Mentoring Conference in Dallas, Texas and our mission trip to work and visit our sponsor children in Guatemala, from both the God's Child Project and World Vision.

    We were planning this trip and then found out our President, Tim Darnell and other Advantage Conferences team mates will be going on a Mission trip there as well to work at the God's Child Project building concrete floors and helping out at this truly life saving charity, that many at Advantage Conferences have contributed to regularly for years. We decided to go at the same time and can't wait to work and serve along side our team mates. Anyone who would like to go to help is welcome, you can contact us at our site for information.

    If you are looking to give and make a difference in a childs life we highly recommend the God's Child Project, information at God's Child

    We have also sponsored several children over the years from and recommend them as well.

    We appreciate your prayers for these organzations, the children and families they help and lives they literally save, and for our upcoming mission trip and ministries. We are especially thankful that Advantage Conferences makes it possible for us and anyone to create unlimited funds for our sponsorships, mission trips and ministries.

    Blessings to you and your new year,
    Michael & Lisa Ferrin
    Friday, July 24, 2009

    Mindset Mentoring Conference VII- Four Seasons Resort, Dallas

    THE EVENT for entrepreneurs and business owners is coming to the Four Seasons Resort & Club, Dallas, November 6 & 7, 2009. Mindset Mentoring Conference VII will be a life changing event for all who attend. The ultimate refreshment, inspiration and empowerment for you and your business. Join like minded business owners from around the world at the best hotel in north Texas. See you there!

    Full Details at

    Michael & Lisa Ferrin,
    PASSPORT FOUNDERS, Advantage Conferences
    Advantage Conferences, which had been in the red since early 2007, declared chapter 7 bankruptcy in December 2009. There were only 100 reps in June 2008 and probably far fewer in 2009. These creepy scoundrels just kept pushing it even though almost everyone was losing money and there were mountains of evidence showing what lying dirtbags Darnell and Weinzierl were.

    As far as I know Darnell didn't go anywhere. Tim Darnell has been way beyond broke for years and years now. His brilliant business strategies during his presidency included tax evasion. From 1999-2005 he refused to pay his taxes. He sent in Affidavits instead of returns and checks. That garnered the buffoon a $97,265.17 tax lien for his 2005 taxes that was filed in January 2011. He has another $8,0000.00 lien for 2007 and is delinquent on his property tax.

    What a genius to have for a business and financial mentor. And lest we forget Advantage Conferences sued the Dallas Better Business Bureau and lost in Summary Judgment. The big issue was whether or not Advantage Conferences was in fact a pyramid scheme. The Judge granted the BBB Summary Judgment motion in all respects in September 2006. Darnell sued me personally and that topic of pyramid schemes reared its head again. He lost in Summary Judgment against me as well in 2009.

    Michale and Lisa might want to consider removing this lie-filled pile of trash. At least call it what it is --- demonic fiction!!!!!



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