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Thread: Utah connections .00002

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    Utah connections .00002

    Reproduced here with the kind permission of member JustTooMuchTime aka Paul Schlegel and taken from his blog

    You can view the original article here at Work at Home Truth - Utah Connections.00002
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    Re: Utah connections .00002

    This was a government action that has been formally brought by a government agency but has not yet been resolved or proven.

    "Federal Trade Commission, Plaintiff, v. Apply Knowledge, LLC, also doing business as Apply Knowledge Institute and Coaching Department; Dahm International, LLC; Dominion of Virgo Investments, Inc.; Ecommerce Support, LLC; Essent Media, LLC; Evertex Solutions,LLC; EVI, LLC, also doing business as Members Learning Center; Nemrow Consulting, LLC; Novus North, LLC, also doing business as Mymentoring, Yes International, LLC, and Your Ecommerce Support International, LLC; Purple Buffalo, LLC, also doing business as Netmarketing; Supplier Source, LLC; 365Dailyfit, LLC, also doing business as Net Training; Vensure International, LLC; VI Education, LLC; David Gregory Bevan; Jessica Bjarnson; Phillip Edward Gannuscia; Chad Huntsman; Richard Nemrow; Jeffrey Nicol; Thomas J. Riskas, III; Babata Sonnenberg; and Ken Sonnenberg, Defendants."
    Apply Knowledge, LLC | Federal Trade Commission

    According to this article dated 12/22/2014:

    "The FTC alleged that the Sonnenbergs were conning consumers and that the ex parte action was necessary lest they hide their assets or flee the country.

    Except that two months later, Utah federal judge Dee Benson ruled that the agency had got it wrong. The restraining order was “overbroad,” there was “no need for the appointment of a receiver,” and the FTC “has failed to show a substantial likelihood of success on the merits of its claim,” Benson wrote in dissolving the order."

    "Benson was convinced. In a terse ruling, he dissolved all the orders against the Sonnenbergs, leaving in place only a partial asset freeze against Essent.

    Now the Sonnenbergs have filed a counterclaim against the FTC, seeking damages stemming from the work of the receiver, Robb Evans & Associates, and its primary counsel, McKenna Long & Aldridge. The Sonnenbergs say the receiver wouldn’t let them service their other coaching clients, which cost them $920,000 in refunds, and pulled the plug on a web-hosting business that brought in $800,000 a month. Also in dispute is who pays the receiver, which billed nearly $500,000 for 37 days of work. Normally, payment comes from the frozen assets."

    "The FTC in court papers says it enjoys sovereign immunity and can’t be held liable. The case is pending."
    Read the full article here:
    Read more:
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