Wow. Didn't know these were still so pervasive - guess they've moved out of the U.S. now, though. My "favorite" email sending job site is Email Sending Jobs, Home Base Part Time Online Jobs which provides a nice scrolling list of victims on the left side.

Here are their top reasons to join!

:Why Should You Join Us? (Best 10 Reasons)

"1. Work from anywhere your home or cafe.
2. Manage your own time.
3. Weekly payment. (Rs. 2100 under fix payment plan)
4. Payment directly to your bank account (other payment methods also available).
5. 24 Hours Telephonic Support.
6. Guaranteed Payment.
7. Instant work after joining.
8. Very Easy work (Just sending emails).
9. Complete Working Kit provided by the Company.
10. Very Low Joining Fee (Rs. 550 only)."
There's also which would like people to believe they can earn:
$27,408.03 in under a month just because they have an email account!

...what could possibly go wrong...