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  22. Sandra
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  24. Twickenham Rugby season Starts Nov 10th. Charity Fundraisers Paradise!
  25. Prayers for Healing or Profit?
  26. Scientology = Pyramid Scheme
  27. Veterans in Christ
  28. Don Allen Holbrook The Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem Rogue Member
  29. San Gabriel Korean pastor scammed millions out of parishioners, escaped to Korea
  30. Wazzub has a charity fund, how cute!
  31. Ephren Taylor, like Bernie Madoff, went after churches for his Ponzi scheme
  32. This one makes my brain hurt
  33. Charitable Donations: Give or Take?
  34. FTC Warns Consumers: Charity and Home Repair Scams May Appear After a Disaster
  35. Scriptures! New Christian Business! Advertised by Scamlandpro.
  36. Sunday School Teacher Gone BAD
  37. Holocaust Torah Fraud.....
  38. EarthQuest Institute Fraud Continues / Don Allen Holbrook CEO
  39. Oh, For the Love of God!!
  40. Cottonwood Creek Baptist Church Allen, TX Pastor John Mark Caton / Tim Darnell Threatened Church Members a Hot Spot????
  41. WexTrust’s Shereshevsky Gets 21-Year Prison Term for Fraud.....
  42. Jerry Weinzierl / Aaron Weinzierl Religious Scammers Who Threaten Consumer Advocates with Lawsuits Using Google Ads
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  45. Courier diplomatic agent unit
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  47. Humanity Against Nuclear Power
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  50. templar/mason ego fights
  51. unimaginable financial reward for both of us.
  52. sum of $25 Million USD
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  54. Another male slut - Bishop Eddie Long
  55. The Original Networker™ Christian MLM Prayer Chapel from Hell! Doug Firebaugh
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