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Thread: "Integrity Wealth Builders Group"....

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    Re: "Integrity Wealth Builders Group"....

    Goddie Udes' latest bit of nonsense

    And, if you believe there's only 12 spots left - you'll believe anything

    Hang in there, Goddie - one day you'll finally find a ponzi scheme that lasts more than a few weeks
    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing

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    Re: "Integrity Wealth Builders Group"....

    I wondered what happened to Dr. Goddie Ude's website and his seemingly disappearance from the Internet, and here's why:

    A pitiful slap on the wrist, but it got him off the Internet and shut down his website. Hopefully this scared the crap out of him and he is finally done fleecing people with his Ponzi programs. So much wrong with this agreement, especially that they could not prove anyone of his victims lost money. Of course they are not going to come forward and say they did for many reasons.

    A part of me wants him to come back once his 5-year term is up and then he can be fully prosecuted for his actions like he should have been in this action. But at least this is one less pimp on the world hyip scene.
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