Hello! Grades are in from today. Please go double check me. If you did not get a ticket last Tuesday, 9-10, you have until this Friday to email me. There are about 6 of you who are turning in tickets but you are not on my roster. Please, everyone go check to make sure you have recital in your ecampus. Let me know if I can help. -Professor Logan
Melissa Logan couldn't be bothered to know and follow the Richland Degree plan or those for the schools her students could transfer to. So, now that she has put students into dozens of hours that are over the degree plan, will not transfer, waste the hours available for financial aid and risked students having to pay out of state tuition at a 4 year Texas university we get this tripe. Richland in a desperate attempt to clean up the mess this incompetent music professor / advisor made had to create 2 sections of CE (Continuing Education) recital class. Most of the students in the music department needed to take the non-credit version. Unbelievably, there are only 8 students enrolled in the two CE sections. The other 100 or so students are in the credit section of the recital class racking up hours that most of them can't afford to be racking up. Is Logan checking the rolls for those CE recital sections or did these students fall through the cracks at advising and never get placed in any section of the required recital class for music majors?

The Richland College Music Department is in shambles. Drastic changes need to be made to save this mess of a department!