Nu Skin Consumer Reviews and Complaints

Sarah of Okc, OK Verified Reviewer - Original review: Aug. 10, 2018

A "friend" asked me to try this new machine she was marketing to doctors' offices. Then she told me which supplements I needed to take for deficiencies the machine had uncovered. She said that I could try these supplements for 30 days and if I wasn't pleased with the results, I would receive a full refund. The approximate price was $230. She took my debit card number down, not giving me a receipt. The next day, my bank account was debited for $476.86! I called my friend and told her to cancel the order. She said the supplements had already shipped, and that when the shipment is returned, I would receive a full refund. I never received a tracking number, so I left a note for FEDEX to refuse the delivery.

The following week, I texted my friend 3 days in a row asking about the refund. She never answered a single one. Finally, on Friday of the following week, a refund of $432.96 was posted to my account. Why wasn't I refunded the additional $43.90? I have contacted my bank and told them to block Nu Skin from making any transactions and to charge the back for the additional $43.90. If any approaches you regarding this company, PHARMANEX, RUN AWAY! They are running a TOTAL SCAM.

BTW, Pharmanex is a division of Nu Skin.

You have been warned - take this woman's advice - RUN AWAY!