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Just a humble opinion. Brank offered a free option for the kiddos to join and play video games and what not. Supposedly punters could earn from showcasing their Mr. Pickle's Magic Ride skills. Of course they could buy tokens to enhance their earnings, but why would they? Since internal controls are almost always non existent in these follies it would be more sensible to create a 100 free accounts hoping to hit a jackpot. Even for those following Ari common sense wins occasionally.
One would think that with all the "free" video games to play, their Alexa rankings would be going through the roof. Which tells you about the quality of their games they are offering. This is going nowhere fast.

Personally I think Ari hurt Brank when he tried to rebut the review by Oz at behindMLM, but I'm glad he did. The person who should have been replying was the CEO, Daniel Noormohamed, or Duane Noble, Co-founder & Trading Specialist . He wasn't counting on being exposed to the masses for who and what he is. All of his attempts to deflect the truth about him fell flat. His credibility was damaged considerably with the replies he gave. He forgot he was not in control of the content like on his own sites.

My favorite part was his trying to defend Ponzi's that he felt weren't Ponzi's, but more importantly the lame reasons he gave as to why there were not according to him. That really damaged his credibility with the readers there, which in turn has expanded outside those reading behindMLM. Instead of winning like he thought he was going to do, he got his assets kicked.