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Thread: Rune Fjortoft, Scandinavian Serial Scammer

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    Re: Rune Fjortoft, Scandinavian Serial Scammer

    Here is Rune's latest PONZI SCAM!!!!!!!!!!

    I love the way this scam is being pimped by some marketers (as seen below). LOL!


    This is the most Amazing Sharing Program that I have recently seen.

    They totally go the opposite way of everyone else.

    Totally transparent - Totally honest.

    Check out the founders. They do not hide behind words like admin
    but presenting themselves in full.

    They are a group of top marketers.

    I feel very safe following them they know what they do.

    They call it the first 100% sharing company.


    Everything is shared with everyone else.

    Get in from START so You can get all the sharing.

    Here are some Of Program Main Highlights:

    => Get Your Own Leads

    => No Sponsoring Required

    => $5 Instant Sponsor Bonus

    => 2040 Total Positions in The Matrix

    => $1.50 For Each Signup In Matrix

    => $3060 Total Earnings Without Sponsoring

    => Only $25 To Get Started

    Join Now https://www.yourownleadsnow.com (removed referral link)

    Your Own Leads Now is a Bitcoin driven site.
    Who knows How much You will make with the Increasing Value BTC.

    Your Partner for Success,

    Saviour Ellul – Team Leader"

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    Re: Rune Fjortoft, Scandinavian Serial Scammer

    Hurry up and get scammed by this lowlife crook!



    You better go to :


    Purchase position now

    to get the special 24 Hour deal!

    To Your Success

    Rune F"

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    Re: Rune Fjortoft, Scandinavian Serial Scammer


    "IT IS LIVE!


    If I ever had any doubt,
    it is all gone now.

    This will make you a millionaire
    if you take immediate action.

    No Doubt.

    This is the real deal.

    Worldwide launch is happening right now in Bangkok.

    I am watching it all live on fb.

    I have a degree in computer science,
    have been in mlm and network marketing
    for more than 20 years.

    This is the most promising I have ever seen.


    I removed his splash page link, but it is for CloudToken scam

    To Your Success

    Rune F


    This is also very easy to do.
    Everyone makes money here.
    No need to sponsor."

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    Re: Rune Fjortoft, Scandinavian Serial Scammer

    What an absolute low life ponzi pimp this scumbag is! Pimping superturbocycler.com now.



    New site from one of our Yoln members.

    The great thing here is that you can be first
    even if you signup now!

    Yep, everybody has the same chance
    as the loading depends on when you purchase.

    Just signup and fund now,
    then be ready at launch and purchase as fast as you can.

    Also, passive members can earn big too
    as the site is completely company driven.

    Get your FREE account now,
    then just be ready for launch tomorrow.

    removed his pimping link

    To Your Success
    Rune F"

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    Re: Rune Fjortoft, Scandinavian Serial Scammer

    Here is an email just received from this total moron, scamming a*shole! He knows the program is a total scam, but pimps it anyways!

    "Early in, early out!


    Just had a conversation with one
    of the most successful networkers.

    He sponsored me for a new program.

    I told him I lost around $5000
    in similar programs in 2019.

    Then he served me this strategy,
    which I off course know works
    but are not so good at implementing.

    Early in, early out!

    Yep, most of he top leaders in programs
    like Plus Token and Cloud Token
    had sold out their positions and cashed in big
    long before the collapse.

    There is no moral in this business anymore,
    just timing.

    Anyways, I joined my friend.

    This one is launching in a few days.

    Don't know how long it will last,
    but I would estimate at least 6 months.

    If you want to work with us then,
    Early in, early out!

    Here is the signup link :


    Happy earnings
    Rune F


    My sponsors sponsor
    Is one of the biggest earners around
    He did 180 million dollars in one program!
    When people like that are in
    there is big and fast money to be made."

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    Re: Rune Fjortoft, Scandinavian Serial Scammer

    And here is his follow-up to his previous email, totally acknowledging that this is a SCAM!

    "Big money in 2020?
    You know what happened last year.
    At least 3 normal working class people moved from
    anonymity to network marketing star status.
    One even got new teeth.
    Right now they are all involved with a forex deal
    but the money and fame came from Cloud Token.
    In 2020 you can do the same.
    I am working with a man who made 180 million dollars last year.
    Yeah, call it immoral, call it scam, call it whatever you want
    but the big money in 2020 is right here.
    What you do is up to you.
    But, if you want to make big money fast'this is it.
    To Your Success
    Rune F"

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    Re: Rune Fjortoft, Scandinavian Serial Scammer

    Putting this here, so we can have digital proof of the outlandish claims this ponzi pimping MORON makes!!!!!


    The more I study the company
    the more certain I become
    that this is the big one for 2020.

    I see a mega opportunity for you and me
    to make it super big.

    We are in from the very start
    and hardly anyone knows about it yet.

    Now, this company has a so called
    holding tank in the back office.

    This means that every new referral is
    in the tank until the sponsor either place him
    or if not placed within 24 hours
    the system place him in the referrals next free spot.

    Anyways, I have already many referrals in the tank
    which will be placed over the next coming hours.

    Get upgraded now and get placed before
    the others come in!

    There are several packages to choose from
    but to make it simple for you
    just start with the package called Limited.

    You need to login and fund your account first
    then purchase your package.

    The Limited is very cheap and starts at only $50
    but you can make it as big as you want.

    As soon as I see you have purchased
    your position will be entered into the system.

    This is really your chance to be at top
    of something very big.

    Take action now
    and get all the heavy hitters below you!

    Login here and upgrade now :

    Crypto Trading Bot | Instant Crypto Exchange | Proprietary Token | Crypto Store | Bitles.eu

    Send me an e-mail at my VIP address : rune@fjortoft.com
    once you have purchased, so I can enter you right away!

    To Our Success
    Rune F"

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    Re: Rune Fjortoft, Scandinavian Serial Scammer


    This is the crap this crook promotes as if it is legit!

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    Re: Rune Fjortoft, Scandinavian Serial Scammer

    Good ole Rune. Never met a Ponzi he didn't love. He got quite upset that he could not get me banned at MMG because I was exposing all of his Ponzi de Jour. I know he was pimping OneCoin at one time but I don't think that lasted too long. I kept hoping that he would lose all his money and be forced to quit his pimping ways. One thing is for sure, he sure hasn't gotten rich off of them, which is a good thing.

    If you see him pimping a program, RUN as fast as you can from him and don't join. You WILL LOSE your money. He has no clue what is a real opportunity looks like, and can't tell when he is being conned into joining a losing program. He's just not as good of a BS'er and liar as the ones BS'ing him to join. His list of followers has to be dwindling fast now as everything he has pimped has gone south over the years.

    I used to call him the Ken Russo wannabe of Norway.
    Author: "Robbing You With A Keyboard Instead Of A Gun - Cyber Crime How They Do It" available in soft cover and eBook at Amazon.com


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