10/18/2012 My book is completed! Stay tuned for release date. Thank you to all my friends who have helped make this a reality, your support will not be forgotten.
So what ever became of that book you were about to publish, Diederik?

Shortly after that announcement, his website, and all the juicy excerpts from the sample chapters posted there, vanished.

"My site was up for a whole month with numerous pages of true content. HostGator's rules require a court ruling or motion to remove a website or content. Nu Skin or Sandie couldn't do that because I never once wrote anything that I couldn't pass a polygraph test about."
Okay, so if that's true, then that's not the answer.


"At the advice of my attorney, three weeks ago I voluntarily removed all content from this site pertaining to Sandie or Nu Skin."
Why was that, Diedrick?

Maybe an article in Fortune magazine provides a clue:

"If he (Van Nederveen ) doesn’t get a big settlement, he intends to publish his book, which he insists will be an international sensation worth “at least” $50 million."
Uh huh! So, did Sandie acquiesce to your demands, Diedrick, or is there more to the story?

In that same Forbes story, more details of his beef with Sandie are brought to light:

"When van Nederveen divorced Tillotson in 2000, he received $1.4 million, joint custody of their daughter, and $5,000 in monthly child support — small change, he figured, for a woman worth more than $100 million. In 2005, remarried and desperate for money, van Nederveen signed away his custodial rights for $350,000, agreeing not to seek any more money. He says his present rage results from Tillotson’s interference with his visitation privileges."

Nu Skin and the short-sellers
Geez, I'd take the $1.4 mil and $5,000 in monthly child support and keep my mouth shut!

Anyways, for whatever reason, it appears he decided not to publish his book. Too bad! There was some great stuff in there. Fortunately, despite Sandie trying to remove all vestiges of those chapters Diedrick wrote from the internet, I'm sure, they can still be found on wayback machine if you look hard enough. That and the fact that some of us still have copies of them! I found a cache on my computer the other day that I wasn't aware of that contained most of the early chapters Diedrick wrote. You'd be hard pressed to find this material, but I figure, what the heck! I might as well post them on this thread for posterity. It would be a shame to leave them hidden in some dark corner of the internet. There's just too much good material here to have that happen!