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Thread: Pruvit / Keto powders

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    Pruvit / Keto powders

    Greetings, everybody.

    I've been away from the site for some time, but I'd be really grateful for some help, please.

    Does anyone have any information about a company called Pruvit? Seems to be selling some sort of keto drink things, but looks like it is an MLM at heart. I've managed to look up some informtion, and it has links to Visalus (? "Body by Vi?) and may have a character called Troy Dooly involved as well. (The name's familiar, but I cannot think why. Other people involved also seem to have been involved with Rippln. )

    As far as I can see, it's a bit on the dodgy side. Sadly, I'm aware of a number of young women in the UK who have started to sell the products very recently.

    Any help most welcome and thank you.

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    Re: Pruvit / Keto powders

    Troy Dooly and I have been at war for years. He is one of the biggest MLM cheerleader whores on the planet. If he is singing the praises, it is a guaranteed scam and big losing deal sure to happen. Dooly has been in bed with numerous obvious scammers. Fake multi-billionaire (real life pauper) Trey White of the Evolv cancer curing water MLM which got sued by Md Anderson and the Texas University system board of regents was one of many that Dooley slobbered all over.

    Pruvit is another fad diet mess that will leave people weighing more after they give up on the scam (as is the case with the sugar filled junk Isagenix) and so many more.

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    Re: Pruvit / Keto powders

    Thank you, Soapbox Mom!

    I have looked up Mr Dooly, and oh dear......!!

    I doubt very much that there is any value at all in the Pruvit product, and even less in the so called business that is being pimped.

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