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Thread: Warning: China Golden Bridge Visa, Panda Visa, & Beijing Service Center Visa May Lead To Identity Theft Scam

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    Warning: China Golden Bridge Visa, Panda Visa, & Beijing Service Center Visa May Lead To Identity Theft Scam

    China is the world-wide identity theft champion. Over 3,000 ID thieves lure foreign expat victims through fake ads to work, teach, intern, or vacation in China. They even offer fantastic travel deals and great paying jobs that are soooo hard to resist...

    Two weeks in China - See the Great Wall and stay at three ocean-side resorts including 36 holes of golf, unlimited buffets, and $500 in casino chips for $2,000 per person including air fare!

    Earn $6,000 per month teaching English in China. Free housing and Medical insurance provided with air fare reimbursement.

    These and many similar ads are fabricated bait to get you to reply and after you swallow it, you are the hook and will get a call from some official but friendly visa agent who claims they must "process" you. Of course , it makes sense that you need a visa to travel abroad so you don't think twice when they as ask you to send them copies of your passport. They may take a small deposit of $99 to reserve your slot and may want you to confirm your taxpayer identification number so you can get "Free Zone Tax Exemption cards issued to you by the Chinese government to avoid paying 15% taxes on anything you buy in China (All fabricated BS).

    In about a month you may get an email confirming all of your trip details or you may not hear another word from them. But in three to six months you will not even recall these fraudsters who you think were only after your $99 deposit when the coppers knock on your door with a warrant for your arrest. It could be for immigration fraud, credit card fraud, or even IRS refund fraud. Get my drift? If not visit for the rest of the story.

    To avoid these sort of problems simply avoid Chinese travel and visa agents altogether and especially these three which are not licensed to do business in China or anywhere else under the names they advertise. They all use beautiful web sites but provide no verifiable information and their contact info is always a mobile phone number and disposable email address. There is no government oversight in China, no BBB, no FTC, and the police will laugh at your stupidity as soon as you leave the station. The average cost spent on a lawyer to clean up the mess for a ID Theft victim is roughly $10,000. So maybe you might agree that prevention is a who lot more economical?
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