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Thread: DoJ / Thailand apprehend alleged Bitcon fraudster, Jonas Karlsson

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    DoJ / Thailand apprehend alleged Bitcon fraudster, Jonas Karlsson

    US Department of Justice press release

    You can read the original DoJ press release here at JUSTICE.gov
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    Re: DoJ / Thailand apprehend alleged Bitcon fraudster, Jonas Karlsson

    While it took a long time to catch him, Roger Karlsson also had a co-partner in HCI25 Tom Sornes. They also pimped Pedro Dispensa (Pieter Roor) scams. and Warren English pimped both Pre Funded Reversed Pension Plan” (PFRPP) and HCI25, along with his own Ponzi, High Stake Holdings and Mega Pension Plan. If I am not mistaken, Tom Sornes was arrested, but was given bail awaiting trial, and he fled to Dubai to avoid prosecution.

    We were able to help get Pedro Disipensa (Pieter Roor & his wife) shut down and charged, Warren English get shut down and charged, and now Roger Karlsson has finally been caught and charged. Just wish it would have happened when we were assisting and the victims would have been fewer and less money lost. Now if they could just get Tom Sornes extradited and sentenced, I would be really happy.
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