Unfortunately this 15 year-old company moves from one country to another every time the complaints pile up and victims try to get the police involved. But since he is cheating only foreign TEFL teachers, the cops in China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan don't really care. If you search the internet deeply you will find complaints going back to 2007 and as recently as 2021. How does he cheat people?

Well he offers great paying TEFL teaching jobs in the country of your choice that don't really exist but ONLY IF you take his low quality Online TEFL Course for $439. Once you complete this course he will have a buddy play the role of a Principal or HR Director to call and offer you that great position within 2 weeks because the own Ian promises you that if you do not have a job offer within 30 days of completing his course, he will refund the $439.

Now in order to get the "great job" Ian wants you to send him your resume, color scan of your passport, and your tax ID number in order to get you a tax exemption. He gets you an invitation letter to go teach in an Asian country for $4,000 per month with a free furnished apartment at ABC School (only an example). After you spend $1,500 or so to get to Japan, Korea, or China you stay at a hotel for a few days (not cheap) until you meet your Principal and suddenly learn you must have a medical certificate, police certificate, and university diploma in order to work in that country! Ian doesn't tell this to people, so when you call him to protest he tells you to calms down because he can sell you all those documents for $1,000.
Most people are angry about this but pay the money since they already spent a bundle to get this far.

Now you are asked to sign an employment contract that is in another language (Japanese, Korean, or Chinese) and you are told this is a standard contract that everyone must sign. You believe the Principal and sign off. So they put you to work and after your first month you get the shock of your life on pay day when you get a check for about 20% of you promised pay. You go see the Principal and tell her there was a mistake. She looks at here accounting books and then tells you your pay is correct because;

* Your first 90 days of work are probationary and only receive half pay during this time

* 20% of your pay was deducted for taxes

* Although you did get a free furnished apartment (that came with a surprise roommate btw) you must pay a security deposit for the electricity, water, gas, heat, and internet and for damages in case you up and leave with unpaid utility bills or you damage the apartment. For this security deposit she takes 10% of your pay for the first 3 months

If you bitch and moan you are told you can go home if you don't like the "standard arrangements". So you call Ian to complain and he says he will talk to the principal and straighten things out and call you back in a few days. Truth be told you will never speak with Ian again because he has blocked your number. You are now on your own

Coincidentally in about 3 to 6 months you will be contacted by the police who want you to pay your delinquent credit card charges or go to jail. What credit car you ask? The one you took out in Japan and used to go on a $9,000 shopping spree of course. When you show the police your passport and tell them you never went to Japan in your life, they tell you "get a lawyer". You suddenly remember that Ian now lives in Japan, but when you call now, his telephone number is "no longer in service".

After digging around on the internet you will find more complaints but deep down in the search results because he spams so much of his own fake reviews that they take up the first 1-3 pages of search results. Then you find out that he used to live in Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and currently in Japan. Is Malaysia, Vietnam. or The Philippines next? As you can see here, I am not the only victim: Finally someone outed ESLInsider.com and MYTEFL as a fraud - Teflnet TEFL Forums