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Thread: Fraud Warning 4 TEFL Teachers: 7 Questions To Ask China Job Recruiters To Avoid Being Scammed Alive...

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    Fraud Warning 4 TEFL Teachers: 7 Questions To Ask China Job Recruiters To Avoid Being Scammed Alive...

    I just read my monthly CSP newsletter and think this is something worth sharing...

    Without a doubt, China is a fun adventure for expats who want to explore and/or work abroad. The Chinese people are mostly friendly, the food is absolutely delicious, and aside from housing costs, most everything is quite cheap. And your resume will look great with your new China experience on it. But you must be very careful to avoid being swindled. China is the land of 100 different variety of noodles and just as many scams that target expats. And, not all the cheaters are Chinese.

    When applying for jobs in China as an ESL or TEFL teacher you must ask certain questions or risk being scammed. Read this link first 300+ China Job Scams Target Expat Foreign ESL & TEFL Teachers - Check CFTU Blacklists! | Open Letter, and then you know why you should ask the following questions directly to your recruiter (if you are using one).

    1) What is your SAIC business license number?

    2) What is the SAIC business license number of my new employer?

    3) What is your complete legal Chinese name?
    (Ask for a scan of their national ID card if they are Chinese and a passport scan if they are foreigners)

    4.) Is my true employer the same party that is issuing my invitation letter for a Z Visa (work visa)?

    5.) Can you send me a signed copy of my contract to review BEFORE I come to China?

    6.) Will this employer provide free housing or a housing allowance, and if so how much?

    7.) What is the SAFEA registration number of this employer so I know they are legally authorized to hire foreigners since I do not want to get arrested, jailed, and deported?

    Agents who are running scams and plan to cheat you will refuse to give you this information. If they have nothing to hide they will provide it. If they change the subject or tell you that you do not need this information, you will probably find them blacklisted here:

    China Foreign Teacher News, Updates, & Scam Alerts

    If they answer the above seven questions to your satisfaction, and the information checks out, Congratulations! You may have found yourself an honest recruiter, and yes, there are about two dozen honest recruiters operating in China who are properly licensed and accountable. They are the minority and not easy to find. If you are not provided a Z visa BEFORE you leave your homeland, you are dealing with a fraudulent recruiter and/or school. One American ESL teacher named K. Cox told her story at ESLCafe about how she was swindled out of 66% of her salary by the lady Rebecca T. who own China ESL. By asking the above questions and reading this here, you will never be caught with your pants down:

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    Re: Fraud Warning 4 TEFL Teachers: 7 Questions To Ask China Job Recruiters To Avoid Being Scammed Alive...

    Well this would eliminate about 50% of the current China jobs advertised online imo.

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