Warning Foreign Art Teachers! 优思创意教育 是一个骗局- 北京 Avoid U.S. Arts School in Haidian, Beijing. They are a fraud that falsely tells parents they are part of the award-winning U.S. Arts School in California and 9 other states and in reality they are not in any way related! The management including Manager Lin Peng and the owner Mr. Sun and the accountant Mrs. Tang cheat not only the customers but their own employees out of wages earned. If you visit the website you will see photos of teachers that quit months ago. None of these teachers work there and none of the teachers they have now have any special art training. If you go to work there you will not only get cheated by the school on your pay, but they will force you to lie to the parents of the students to say you came to China from the American "home school".