Thanks to and some warning posts on Reddit. these veteran scam artists with the third longest-running scam in TEFL history was forced to change their name yet again in an effort to evade their horrible reputation. It is the same identical scam, with the same M.O, but now They are the new and improved "" scam. that uses...

* Bait and switch crappy job offers

* Phony "teacher internships" that let's steal half your salary for 6 months

* Fake tax deduction (in cahoots with the school principals)

* Worthless TEFL course with a certificate only recognized in 21 third world countries

* Identity Theft

* Endless spamming and sales calls because they sell your resume to brokers for resale if you don't buy one of their products or services

Scam Master Rex must be hurting for income during these COVID times where travel of foreign teachers has been cut in half by closed borders so he's pushing the hell out of these OnLine TEFL courses that go down in price on every call. They first asked for $599 but 4 calls and six weeks later they were down to their New Year's special of only $99! They were so disappointed when I finally told them that I had a REAl certificate from Cambridge. I thought I would hear the phone click of surrender but no, Jennifer responded with a shocking reply!!!!! "When did you take that course Rick?" "Back in 2010 why?" I responded. "My goodness, it just expired last year, are you going to pay big money to renew it, or would like to grab our $99 special and save the cost of a new Cambridge course?" I couldn't stop laughing. This crazy woman was trying to convince me that TEFL courses certificates expire! I wonder if any idiots actually believe this bullshit? Oh, well, I have to give Jennifer kudos for her efforts. Rex would be so proud of her. No matter what names they use, there is not enough lipstick in this world to disguise this pig in the U.K.! (For those of you not familiar with or just review the employment scam section here at and the links below:

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