I once in a while entertain myself with baiting and wasting the time of 419/advance fee scammers. Earlier today, I was entertaining a "centerfold hot" caucasian romance scammer over facebook chat who of course was claiming to be from Texas and "traveling a lot for her job with UNICEF".


Much to my surprise, the conversation took a turn to:

i will like to chat with you on phone
My number is xxx-xxx-xxxx
oh ok
i hope to text you sometimes soon
i wish i could now but that wont be possible

I don't text, but we can talk here.
oh ok
what more will you like to know about me

Feltus missed a call from you.
Call Again
Your messenger is ringing, are you going to answer it?
Feltus missed a call from you.
Call Again
i cant receive calls on here
cant i am friends phone chatting with you/
tell me more about you
What do you want to know? I've answered that same question three times already. Why do you keep asking me the same question?
im just getting more interested in you
So what other parts of Texas have you spent time in while you lived there?
almost all part
Have you ever spent any time on Galveston Island?
why do you ask ?

It's just an awesome vacation destination.
are you with your mobile number
i want to try to talk to you

go ahead and call if you like
pick up the call now and press 33 ok
are you there ?

what is this "press 33" stuff?
just do that
im trying to find a way to talk to you on phone
why didnt you pick up?

Well, couple of problems
whaat do you mean by that
I have never heard of this "press 33" thing before, and your number is not showing up on my caller ID
you didnt press the 33?
Of course not. I have never had to "press 33" to receive a phone call before. Can you tell me why I have to if you are calling?
I mean seriously ... what's this "press 33" have to do with answering my phone?
at lease you should have done what i asked you to do before asking me this
Lasonya ... this is the internet.
so you dont trust me ??
I have never had to "press 33" to receive a phone call in my life. If you can tell me one sensible reason why I have to if you are calling me, I will be glad to.
never mind
You told me that you were in Texas and that you were using a friend's cell phone. That means that you can call me without me having to press anything.
i wonder why u talk to me when you dont trust mr

You keep saying that without ANY explanation as to WHY it is necessary for me to "press 33".
I'm a sensible person. Just tell me why it is necessary.
Chat Conversation End

Ok, so to continue my education as to the latest in how these scammers operate:

What was this "lady" hoping to accomplish by getting me to "press 33" in order to receive her call?
I've done some extensive googling and can't find a reference to whatever the game is.