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Thread: Flowers, the "Sou-Sou" that destroys the black community

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    Flowers, the "Sou-Sou" that destroys the black community

    Too many of these "flower" blessing looms springing up.

    A quick reminder from the FTC that they are ALL ILLEGAL. NO EXCEPTIONS.
    This “game” is a chain letter scam | FTC Consumer Information

    Scam Name: Family & Friends Growing Flowers

    Address in their welcome mail is:
    4821 Lankershim Blvd
    Ste F307
    North Hollywood, CA 91601

    which is an anonymous mailbox service.

    The admin is rapper Sinclair "Ess-Bee" Boyd in Pennsylvania. East Stroudsburg, I believe.
    Home - Family & Friends Blooming Flowers
    Home - Family & Friends Blooming Flowers
    Login • Instagram

    Is he also part of Mystery Moji Films? Certain material on Youtube seems to suggest that.

    The usual pack of lies:


    Scam Name: The Giving Community


    Douglas Jones (in comments)

    Tia Malak


    Sharla Howe


    Given the MBA and the location, I would suspect that this is her as well. But have not confirmed it.


    Scam Name: Leap 2 Reap / Friends & Family Share

    Central website: (admins) (Esther) , , and (support) (site tech)
    901.361.3718 (Anthony Ester, admin)
    901.361.8219 (Annie Ester, admin)
    870.514.1812 (Esther Lynn Black-Peterson, admin)
    901.515.6307 (Lataysha Hilson, support)
    870.394.6745 (Reguna Harmon, support)
    870.514.6147 (Tawanna Williams, support) ("The Underground Railroad" of scammers laundering money?) (scam admins and details) (Terms of Agreement - a null and void contract to any real attorney) (sign up page) (enough bullshit to choke a trash collection truck) (assorted webinars)


    "Partner" (Selena Powell?)



    Tech guy Sidney

    601 Williams St., Oakland, CA (workplace)

    510-910-8978 (incriminating himself)


    "Partner" (Trevor Parham?}



    "Partner" Corinthia Peoples



    "Admin" Anthony Ester

    It appears that Absolute Tax & Financial Service also employs or employed an Annie Ester as a tax preparer,
    and a business card dating to the 2014-16 range bore the phone number 901.361.8219.


    "Support" Reguna Harmon
    West Memphis, AR

    cash app name $MzNay2U

    Claims to have studied criminal justice at Philander Smith College.


    "Admin" Dr. Esther Lynn Black-Peterson


    Voter records suggest that is also hers.


    Here is the "welcome letter" that Annie sends to her new victims:
    Page 1
    Greetings and WELCOME to
    When you bless individuals with the opportunity to join the Leap2Reap
    Cooperative Community they start with success.
    I am your administrator and will be assisting you with constructing your Flower.
    Please have your Fires in place no later than Fridays by 5 pm for positioning on
    Please complete the following links within the first week of joining the community. If
    you have already completed the following forms, please disregard.
    Complete Fire Forms:
    Participation Agreements:
    Fire/New Community Member Submission: (Enter your New Fire Information ASAP)
    Important Documents and Links:
    Welcome Letter
    Leap2Reap Welcome Letter
    Family Friends & Share Plan YouTube Presentation:
    Attend Monday (weekly) all active members meetings:
    It is very important that ALL of our Active Team Members join the calls on Mondays,
    as we will be sharing some very important information.
    Mondays: 8:30 pm CST
    Dial-in number- 978-990-5389; Access Code- 8583428
    Anthony Ester 901.361.3718
    Annie Ester 901.361.8219
    Esther Lynn Black Peterson 870.514.1812
    Community Support Specialists:
    LaTaysha Hilson 901.515.6307
    Reguna Harmon 870.394.6745

    Page 2
    Tawanna Williams 870.514.6147
    Daffodil Scholarship Committee:
    Daffodil Scholarship Committee: Sarah Black, Raven Brown & Tamika Burnett
    If you have any questions, please email
    Leap2Reap Cooperative Community Team
    If you are in Prosper With Integrity, and do not like that your personal information has been published here, please talk to these good people:

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    Re: Flowers, the "Sou-Sou" that destroys the black community

    People in "flowers" but exact scam uncertain.

    Shamirrah Bailey
    North Carolina

    Page Not Found | Facebook
    Shae Stylz My Hair - Home | Facebook

    Ms. Bailey also appears to have gotten involved with Your Eternal Seed.


    Tawanda Baker (a.k.a. Tawanda Wakefield, a.k.a. La Shelle Wakefield Baker )
    Columbus, OH

    614-845-7996 (owner and admin) (owner and admin) (owner and admin) (yet a third gifting pyramid scheme)


    Rachel Ariel Bailey


    Probably hers too, but not certain:


    Sharla Howe


    Given the MBA and the location, I would suspect that this is her as well. But have not confirmed it.


    "Herbalist Kareem"



    Mr. Impactful (possibly a.k.a. "Mr Chaas?")


    Isaiah Stephens


    Ashlyn Morrison


    "S. Wright" (Stephanie Wright?)
    Best guess would be Stockbridge, GA

    Suspected, but not confirmed, to own


    "Volunteer Assistant Administrator" Meka C. (possibly Shemeka Cunningham of Kileen, TX?)


    "Mike P."

    Advertised open flower slots via Youtube comments.
    Plays games under the handle XxKiLLAMike24, Laughin_atdabank, and BLACK057hammer


    Chris Williams
    Atlanta or Ellenwood, GA

    Identifies his group as "ROSCA Affiliates" was registered quite recently.


    Another ROSCA member.

    Yvette Searson


    "K Byrd"


    Oxford, MS


    Sunshyne Sparks
    Moreno Valley, CA (advertised to recruit here)


    "Rome E Rome"

    Preached gifting in the same group that Sunshyne recruited in.


    Jose Perez

    Appears to be a follower of Rachel Bailey, so is probably in the same flower scam.
    If you are in Prosper With Integrity, and do not like that your personal information has been published here, please talk to these good people:

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    Re: Flowers, the "Sou-Sou" that destroys the black community

    Additional email account for Rachel Ariel Bailey:


    Pamela Bowden Smith
    NY and TX

    832-607-9388 (group number for mass scamming?)
    Pamela Bowden-smith | ConnectedInvestors
    Pamela Bowden-smith (happynewyorker69) on Pinterest (I'm not 100% certain, but the graphics do seem to match)
    Page Not Found | Facebook
    Lawrence's Potential Fire / Q&A / Strategy Session - Zoom

    In the comments section of she said,
    832-607-938eight call me we have a great one going. This is not a pyramid scheme, he should not have used that flow chart....we have a meeting at 5:00pm ET 6/14-20 on Zoom... over 1000 people “Blacks” only run by professionals Dr’s and Professors

    Dwight Harris-El

    Ugh. A sovereign citizen in the Moorish fetish, from the sound of things.


    Tanja Foster

    Her claim in the Youtube comments of s video explaining why the "flower" is a scam:
    This is no more a scam than the stock market. I certainly hope no one gets involved in anything in which they outlay cash without first understanding it. There is always risk - no risk no rward!!! This program/platform does work. I have benefited from it and so have my friends. I'm not going to spend time trying to expound on all the intricacies of the program but I will tell you theree is nothing wrong with giving and receiving monetary gifts from friends and family.

    Allen Thomas
    Los Angeles region


    Posted this comment on Budget Bill's video:
    i am currently invested in a SUSU ..However, This model is incorrect, heres why; Using your names, (MARVIN and the Temptations) are BOTH EARTH at the same time and DO NOT become a "combined" WATER ..whats missing is the FOLLOWING WEEK where 16 people are now FIRE and MARVIN and the TEMPTATIONS "SPLIT" into TWO WATERS ..EACH NOW BEING THE WATER OF THEIR OWN FLOWER ...i do appreciate your effort but i keep seeing this model and it is incorrect ..there is one addition week (the actual 4th week) that keeps being "missed" ...please let me know if you disagree as i am only expressing this so we get the model right ..Im open to correction ..thank you brother Bill for your contribution and efforts

    Yvette Ginyard

    Her Youtube comment on June 14, 2020:
    I’ve been doing this. I just paid for my sisters funeral last week. I have a reputable group. We are big in communication, and keeping everyone up to date with when their pay out is. If anyone has questions we can definitely answer for you. We have 200 and 500 community flowers and have gifted over $200,000 so far. We enjoy it. We just do it with people that we trust and are fiscally responsible. Contact me if you want to join us. No pressure. I watched how it worked for a month before I invested so trust when I say I don’t play with my money or others. No one holds the money EVER!!!!



    Ebony D. Allen
    Maryland (owner and admin)


    Larry Patterson
    New York (admin)


    Kesha Patterson
    Probably in Maryland. (admin)


    A military man who fell for the scam wholeheartedly. What a sad, dishonorable fall.

    Brian Rogers


    Detail by Entity Name
    Florida Limited Liability Company
    Filing Information
    Document Number
    FEI/EIN Number
    Date Filed
    Principal Address
    Mailing Address
    Registered Agent Name & Address
    Authorized Person(s) Detail
    Name & Address

    Title MGR


    Annual Reports
    Report Year
    Filed Date

    Michael Sampson and Shameeka Richardson

    I'm sure that Fort Leonard Wood, MO would strictly discipline a private for money laundering.


    Another get rich quick nut from Maryland. What's in the water there?

    Giovanni P. Wade

    In 2012, he was located at:
    1509 Jutewood Avenue
    Hyattsville, Maryland 20785

    2010 Blessings Part 1


    A mindguard. How pathetic. He calls his scam "Team Destiny," and assured someone that they use Paypal.

    Christian Thomas

    In the comments of Budget Bill's video, he posted the following self-incriminations on June 15, 2020:
    @Just Call Me Mister I see that you saw one case and tried to use it as a strong supporting argument to discredit a very amazing way for individuals to pull themselves out economic hardships. you still have not listed the states where its illegal to gift a friend or family member money. Dockstader stole a lot of peoples money, but you're generalizing. grouping all community share plans together based on a case in which you saw go wrong, and that's lazy. all sou sous are structured different. for instance the one I'm in. one person does not sit on the top and get paid out every time like Dockstader did. We have a well planned process in which the top guy rotates to the bottom of another flower resetting their process. the group has a committee who make sure that we all follow the rules and none of the admin's running off with any money. we have worked around the clock to help people who were affected by Covid-19 not only helping individuals with their two people but also helping with their initial investment as well to ensure that family has some form of income coming in. so when you say this is a scam its a direct slap in the resilient men and women face who chose not to give up. dockstader did not give to those who needed it the most. At team destiny we know its a lot to risk and have taken that risk for over 23 people. that's what you call investing into your community.
    @MKedm USA people calm down lol. if you work for a company in the us. guess what you work in a pyramid !!! CEO / fonder or Board members, president, vice president, regional managers supervisors, employees. and you get taxes 25%-30%. here's a shocking fact the average american makes $44,720 a year that's 23 dollars an hr. the average american pays $10,500 in taxes with federal, state, and local income tax. Lets not forget to make $23 dollars an hr you typically have to have some schooling. when you go to college you accrue debt. which is more than $500. So in summary you work twice as hard to bring in $34,220 a year after taxes. this is life.
    On the other had the the wise people who decided to join a sou sou makes $3500 a month. which is $21.39 cent a hr. No college needed and no debt from college. In a year's time those very smart individuals who invested an initial $500 would have made $42,000 a year. its $2,720 less than than the average american's gross. but you hold on to more money $7,780 to be exact. the way we all were taught to make money in the us is such a pyramid scheme... that they actually put a pyramid on the physical bill they pay you with lol..
    man if you don't cut it out and join this sou sou and make $42,000 in addition to what you make now.

    And this lady recruits for her pyramid scheme like a saleswoman who won't accept "no" for an answer.

    Tara Dunn


    Cameron Abou-Chakra
    Best guess places him in North Carolina


    Janice Wong


    unknown promoter


    Self-described as "Special Education Teacher at Atlanta Heights Charter School"

    Dominique Smith (a.k.a. Dominique Mackey)


    Spoke of her involvement on Dominique Mackey's Facebook.

    Ashalayah Bryant


    Berry Nash
    Raleigh, NC



    Durelle Bishop (Clifford Bishop)
    Birmingham, AL

    May actually be in Your Eternal Seed rather than a flower. Or in both.
    From the screenshot, his account is named Cliff205


    Dj Hop & Dj Rich



    Scam Name: Ujamaa Cooperative Economix Family & Friends Share Group (password is community)

    Reel Nagas (Kevin Barringer)
    Los Angeles

    Another bloody accursed sovereign citizen and conspiracy nut.


    Alaya D. White
    San Francisco or Pinole, CA

    ID 873 7648 3775
    Password 01012020


    Sonya R
    Smyrna, GA


    Scam Name: Circle of Gifting

    Claimed address appears to be the Dept. of Motor Vehicles...
    7900 Northwest 27th Avenue, Miami, Florida 33147

    Martial arts business promoting it as well:
    17842 S Dixie Hwy 33157, Miami, FL

    954-445-3779 Ed
    407-680-7397 Shawn (they point to Military 2 Millionaire's video as "how it works")


    Shawn is...
    Shawn Risbrook
    ​7900 NW 27th Ave Suite E-239A Miami FL 33147



    Ed is...
    Edward L. Haynes
    7121 Alhambra Blvd., Miramar, FL 33023


    It appears that Ed has a very close business partnership with an Ijala Risbrook.


    Martial arts business promoting it as well.
    17842 S Dixie Hwy 33157, Miami, FL


    Scam Name: SaveSimplr

    John E. Thomas
    211 N. Camac St.
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107

    267-259-1385 (founder) (owner and admin) (willful spreading of false tax advice, Mr. Thomas?)


    Natosha Mccray

    917-809-6511 (moderator)

    And I see that she has ties to Coach Khayr Love, another scammer from the past.


    Scam Name: Family Savings Club

    Jackie Graham (the admin)


    Apparently the books are kept (cooked?) by someone named Mesia.
    And their presentation for promoting the pyramid scheme was made on a Johnson & Johnson employee workstation.
    If you are in Prosper With Integrity, and do not like that your personal information has been published here, please talk to these good people:

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    Re: Flowers, the "Sou-Sou" that destroys the black community

    Additional material for the Ujamaa Cooperative Economix Family & Friends Share Group pyramid scam
    Home / Ujamaa Cooperative Economox Friends & Family Share Group


    Alelia Thompson revealed the name and phone of one of her scam's group leaders...

    Angela Clark (or is that Angela Clarke?)


    Toni Johnson


    On Nick Benedetto's anti-scam video, she posted this indignant comment trying to defend her scamming:
    The family and friends share group is not a SCAM! The concept is nothing new. Essence magazine wrote an article about the Sou Sou in 2017. People from all ethnicities do them. My family and I are a part of the one you are referring to. If you would like a better understand of how it works, I will be happy to help you! Email me @ You may be missing out on a blessing!! Is...

    Frank Miller


    Boasted of the flowers he was in and the anticipated profit on Budget Bill's video.


    Login • Instagram

    Suspected, but not confirmed, to be Takeitha P Jackson of Miami a.k.a. "TakeithaPchzgotyabrainJackson"


    Stacey Olugbala (Dara Olugbala?)

    7708968228 (not hers, but she answered it revealing her account)


    Mindguard stalking consumer advocates on Budget Bill's video.

    Keith Johnson


    A member of the Ujamaa Cooperative Economix scheme. They were unbelievably upset and rude
    when their Miranda Rights were read to them by email, repeating the common lies about the IRS
    and "I got mine!" when faced with Nevada's state laws.

    "Power Life Growth"


    Goes after people incessantly seeking victims to recruit from Youtube.

    They sent this to one of my imps:
    Well I’ll send you small board I’m on all three
    The bigger board payout is 11,000 or 14,000 I’ve been paid twice from the bigger boards. and once on the 500.
    Now the 500 is residual 3500 every 21 days


    Gift is the password
    The referenced video belongs to a Mary Boyde,
    and the presenter on the video is one Kevin Jackson.
    These names are a precise match to what Alaya White posted,
    though her online data also mentions a third ringleader, Diane Sampson.


    Tammy Hines (a.k.a. Nzingha Tammy Simpson)
    Atlanta (account name simplytammyful)

    Is this the same woman?


    UJAMAA Cooperative Gifting Pairing-List??

    "Ma'at Venus" (rapper Lady Venus)



    Yet another scammer in the "Ujamaa Cooperative" fakery. One would think that black folks would know the difference between real ujamaa and an obvious pyramid scheme, yet they do not.

    Latrice Glover (Latrice McCray)


    And what Michigan's Attorney Generals have had to say of this scam in the past:,4534,7...1450--,00.html (warning from Bill Schuette),4534,7...3367--,00.html (warning from Dana Nessel)


    Angie Cinesson
    Best guess would place her in Orlando, FL

    Posted seeking recruits, saying that she had slots opening on a certain day.


    Quibbles about wording while in grave self-denial of the truth.

    Scammer calls herself "SheIsAWinner"

    Her fraudulent and misleading claims on Jayson Flint's scambusting video:
    I'm currently in this but with people that I actually know & its working fine. Everyone participating gets a pay out every four weeks. It's not just one person like you're saying in this video
    Jayson Flint when I say everyone gets it every 4 weeks, I don't mean they get it the same time. It depends on when each person join. && nothing has to be sold. We all get the SAME EXACT AMOUNT Sir. Whats a Scheme is MCA where the recruiters are making way less than anyone else in the company and you all have to show pictures of money and promoting on social media.. your are the real scammer !!!
    We did our research and we know how the tax situation works. These are technically donations and we don't have to pay taxes if we are receiving LESS than $15,000 a year PER PERSON. Their is nothing illegal about this. The beauty of it is their no one making money off anyone and their is no products to sell. Its a profit/savings arrangement that should ONLY BE DONE WITH PEOPLE YOU KNOW and not through social media !! This is not a schema or scam of any sort if done THE RIGHT WAY. You have obviously been misinformed and decided to make a video about something you obviously don't know how to work. If you did you would not tell people it's a scam. Its only a scam when people join through social media and with strangers because their IS NO LOYALTY WITH STRANGERS
    Radda Shnitzel this is not a felony whatsoever I'm sorry to say that you are not able to join in a team like mine so do not be salty on a formula that works great for those who know how to work it

    Scam Name: Passionate Minds Circle of Wealth

    Based out of Arkansas ("Authentic Visuals Productions")



    Shantell & Scott Lackland


    Scam member

    Brynisha Tolliver
    Student at Columbia College


    Scam member

    Tawanna Nicole Hardy
    Toledo, OH


    Facebook admins for this scam:

    Trenton Ware
    Houston, TX

    Verna Goss Seawood
    Forrest City, AR

    Zellie Smith
    West Memphis, AR

    Charles Johnson
    Marion, AR

    Summer La'Joyce Morgan (assistant volleyball coach)

    Crystal Jones / Crystal White

    Love Brint
    Little Rock, AR

    Antoinette Williams

    Sydney Lackland
    Little Rock, AR

    Kaylon D. Johnson
    Houston, TX

    Code Section
    Arkansas Code section 4-88-109: Pyramiding Devices
    What's Prohibited?
    Contriving, preparing, setting up, proposing, or operating any "pyramiding device."
    Definition of "Pyramiding Device"
    A pyramiding device is any scheme where a participant pays for the chance to receive "compensation" primarily from either:
    Introducing one or more new people into the scheme, or
    When a person introduced by the participant introduces a new participant into the scheme
    Definition of "Compensation"
    Compensation is something of value, not including payments based on sales to people who aren't participating in the scheme and who aren't purchasing in order to participate in the scheme.
    Statute of Limitations
    All prosecutions under this law must be brought within five years of the violation.
    Class A misdemeanor. Punishable by a fine of up to $2,500 and/or imprisonment of up to one year.


    Scam Name: Sou Sou Integrity

    267-563-8190 (description of how the fraud works) (advice on how recruit victims) (willfull defrauding) (false contract)


    Someone who came out on Facebook, verbal guns blazing to the defence of the pyramid scheme.
    Describes herself deceptively as a "group economic specialist."
    The documentation at
    directly connects her to ownership of the 267-563-8190 phone number.

    Jessica Lewis (a.k.a. "Korkoyoe Tetteh")
    Macon, GA (formerly Philadelphia, PA)

    (888) 412-8362 ext.4

    Jessica seems to have forgotten something absolutely vital... the Attorney General of her own state!
    Her scam is a bit larger than what he described in this, but just as illegal and criminal.
    Carr: Beware of Blessing Loom and Social Media Pyramid Schemes this Holiday Season
    December 21, 2017
    ATLANTA, GA – Attorney General Chris Carr is warning consumers to be on the lookout for a social media pyramid scam called the “Blessing Loom” this holiday season. The scam entices potential participants by telling them they can turn $20.00 into $160.00 over a short period of time. After joining and sending in their money, members are encouraged to recruit others to join the structure. Consumers should be very wary of offers on social media sites which falsely advertise that one can turn a small amount of money into a larger one through “gifting circles.”
    “This is a classic pyramid scheme,” said Attorney General Chris Carr. “Not only is it illegal, there is a high probability you will lose the money you have invested. The bottom line, we are asking you to stay far away from these get-rich-quick schemes and help us spread the warning when visiting family and friends over the holidays.”
    No products or services are sold in these schemes and the continued viability of the pyramid depends on income being generated by the recruitment of new members. While there is certainly financial risk involved here, Georgia Law also makes it a crime to participate, operate or promote a pyramid promotional scheme. Penalties range from fines to even prison time.
    If you are in Prosper With Integrity, and do not like that your personal information has been published here, please talk to these good people:

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