It's disgusting the way these gifting SCAMS are popping up like weeds on Facebook these days:

Blessing Funds! 01.jpg

Yep - triple your money (again)!
So far, Blessing Funds! has attracted some combination of 895 extremely greedy or extremely stupid people:

Blessing Funds! 02.jpg

Meet Dwight Brewington, the trustworthy "Admin":

Blessing Funds! 03.jpg

Dwight Brewington is also promoting the Blessing Funds! SCAM on his personal Facebook page, of course:

Blessing Funds! 04.jpg

Dwight Brewington wants to take illegal cash gifting pyramid SCAMS to the next level; he apparently has registered the domain blessingfunds.com, where he reminds you:

Blessing Funds! 05.jpg

"Grind for the People" - Step right up, folks ...