Support YOUR TXSG Troops by Eric Walden - GoFundMe

I am raising money to support the members of the Texas State Guard, a fully volunteer division of the Texas Military Forces. Their job description is Civil Affairs, providing a military presence to local authorities during times of State or Local emergencies, such as Hurricanes, Tornados, Floods or Wildfires.

Our soldiers are 100% volunteer and do not get paid for their training or drills. They donate their own time and money to buy their uniforms, gear and supplies, spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars out of their own pockets to support their mission.
They are in need of training equipment for their Emergency Shelters, Points of Distribution and Search and Rescue operations. They have not been able to secure donated materials, but have been offered substantial discounts on the supplies they need.

Basic Supplies include: uniforms, cots, back packs, boots for their less fortunate members.

They also need Emergency Shelter supplies such as Signage, Flashlights, cots, blankets, tape and cleaning supplies.

In addition they desperately Search and rescue supplies such as ropes, compasses, SAR scenario supplies.

I am only asking for this small amount to just secure the very basic items they need. As a staunch supporter of this organization I can promise you your dollars will go to good use, supporting less fortunate soldiers, training equipment and Emergency support supplies.

Please support your troops who are here when you need them! These men and women give hundreds of hours of their time away from their families, and countless dollars from their own pockets to support their mission every year. Please support this drive to get our Troops the Training Equipment they need!