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Thread: Vityazi - russian crowd-funding ponzi busted

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    Vityazi - russian crowd-funding ponzi busted

    Dmitriy Mazanov, Gregoriy Brovikov, Denis Kalinin and Dmitriy Kurgin - the operators

    of fake crowdfunding ponzi projects such as Vityazi, Bereginya-Invest, Planeta-Invest, Microfinance, Prok', Afrodita

    were arrested in Volgograd on October 4th , they will remain arrested while investigation continues.

    URL (rus):
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    Re: Vityazi - russian crowd-funding ponzi busted

    This group was not well known outside of Russia, and first mention of it was
    in connection to Italian Profitable Sunrise pimp who also on his site was pimping Vityazi,
    Italian CONSOB took action back than.

    Can read about it at Patrick's blog:
    UPDATE: Italy Finalizes Suspension Order Against Alleged Profitable Sunrise Pitchman Who Got Booted By WordPress

    And my comment on Patrick's blog also quoting here:

    Sep 19, 2013 at 3:57 pm | Permalink
    Because Vityazi Ponzi was mentioned here, posting an update.

    Vityazi (a fake crowd-funding russian ponzi) which collapsed early this year.

    It’s leader Dmitriy Mazanov on April 29th launched a new reboot ponzi
    called “Microfinance” (

    One of the victims, kept bugging prosecutor of Volgograd region with complaints,
    till on Aug 26, prosecutor launched a criminal investigation against Vityazi (case # 530697)

    Also he filed a lawsuit against Mazanov in local court to claim his initial deposit and
    legal expenses plus central bank interest rate applied to the claimed sum.

    Mazanov did not appear in court, and court ruled in favor of plaintiff.

    Will the victim be able to collect ? who knows.

    But it is a good example as one (just one person) who never stopped
    fighting for 6 months got a little victory.

    sources (russian):]

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