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Thread: Stolen Target Credit Cards and the Black Market

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    Stolen Target Credit Cards and the Black Market

    Pretty good explanation. As we know, there are lots of variations of this:

    "With the Target data breach, many are wondering how criminals can profit from the use of the stolen credit cards. The card holders themselves will not be responsible for any of the charges, so how is it that criminals are able to make money from stolen credit cards?"
    Stolen Target Credit Cards and the Black Market: How the Digital Underground Works | The State of Security

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    Re: Stolen Target Credit Cards and the Black Market

    I was online with my bank, and they were advocating monitoring charges for any strange activity (No card with them). Also spoke with my credit card company (BOA), who I tried to get rid of, closed my account and stormed out of a branch in a huff. Two years later they bought out my credit card carrier, like getting gum on your shoe. Anyhoo, they said the same thing about monitoring your account for charges, BUT it also sounded like they were issuing some new cards. So it may make sense if shopping around town to verify your card or carry a back up, just in case of a mail cross.

    Random Scam thoughts:

    I added this elsewhere, IMO the best way to deal with ALL security issues is to turn the card over and dial the customer service number from there. There have been several spoofs in the past where people were given bogus numbers to call with scammers on the other end. Make sure you have a dial tone before calling, in one con, the scammers gave the mark the number, but didn't hang up the phone. So the victim picked up the phone, dialed, but boom scammer was still on the line.
    "It's virtually impossible to violate rules ... but it's impossible for a violation to go undetected, certainly not for a considerable period of time." Bernie Madoff

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