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Thread: Stockton, CA. No# 1 City.

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    Stockton, CA. No# 1 City.

    According to Forbes, it is the number one most miserable city in America.

    Well at least I didn't buy a house in Stockton.

    America's Most Miserable Cities, 2011 - Yahoo! Real Estate

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    Re: Stockton, CA. No# 1 City.

    I knew things were pretty bad in Stockton but it's way worse off than Detroit??? What's even more dismal is that apparently 8 cities in California made the top 20 list of most miserable. Sheeesh! That's just pathetic and sad isn't it? This state has become so overtaxed (2nd highest taxes in the nation), so economically dysfunctional, so full of several terms of inept and corrupt politicians, so bogged down by welfare recipients and over burdoned with illegal aliens, has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country (4 points above the national average), serious union issues and overpaid government workers and teachers with outrageous pensions that fall upon the tax payers, and has seen businesses flee this state in droves or simply go belly up. Hard to believe that we were once the 8th largest economy on the planet.

    Worst of all, the state's crazy regulation structure creates uncertainty, cost, and risk in doing business here. The system is chilling to investment and innovation. This is true for businesses of all types, from technology companies to basic franchises. When the laws governing business become nothing more than wasteful harassment, and companies are punished simply for doing business, everyone becomes poorer. Government, whether at the local, state, or federal level, must provide the framework for the best life for its people. Not happening here though, is it?

    Our budget deficit, the largest of any state in the Union, sits currently at $25.4 billion dollars!!! Cripes. And instead of giving some relief to over taxed citizens, what does the new Governor want to do??? Increase taxes and extend the temp taxes that they already pissed away and did nothing to help the situation.

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    Re: Stockton, CA. No# 1 City.

    Miami is at #2 ???

    but, but, but,

    I saw CSI Miami just the other night and it was all squillion dollar mansions, glamorous people and idyllic beachfront scenery.

    Are we furners being mislead ????

    CSI Miami ain't true ????

    I'm shocked and stunned, I tell ya, shocked and stunned.
    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing


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