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Thread: SEC prosecutes yet another US based HYIP ponzi fraud

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    SEC prosecutes yet another US based HYIP ponzi fraud

    In a further sign of a change in the way US regulators are dealing with HYIP ponzi fraud, the SEC this week announced the prosecution of yet another US based ponzi fraud previously featured on both the Talkgold and Money Maker Group HYIP ponzi forums

    What makes this prosecution noteworthy are the relatively small amount involved in comparison to previous prosecutions and the fact the alleged events took place between January 2012 and April 2014,

    Evans / DollarMonster / CashFlowBot are alleged to have raked in "only" $1.15 million, an amount that in previous years would have kept it and its' promoters safe from regulatory action

    DollarMonster / CashFlowBot last appeared on the MMG HYIP ponzi forum in November 2013
    , another indication US based HYIP ponzi and pyramid criminal fraudsters can no longer count on simply walking away untouched with their ill gotten gains

    Some highlights from the SEC litigation release

    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing

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    re: SEC prosecutes yet another US based HYIP ponzi fraud

    Yet , there are still states like Utah, where ponzi fraud is never punished and even feds do not want to mess with those mormons.

    I am hinting at Justbeenpaid/Profitclicking scams.


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