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Thread: Respect European law, Google warned.

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    Respect European law, Google warned.

    This can only help serial scammers.

    Respect European law, Google warned | The Times

    Respect European law, Google warned

    Google has been warned that it faces legal action across Europe if it fails to heed the warnings of the continent’s privacy watchdogs over the way it is policing the “right to be forgotten”.
    Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin, the chairwoman of the Article 29 Working Party, which represents the continent’s privacy regulators, told The Times that Google “has to respect European law” and “commit to what it’s being asked to do” by her organisation.

    Her comments mark an escalation between Google and privacy regulators over the implementation of a European Court of Justice ruling, from May last year, which says that individuals have a right to ask search engines to delete links to information about them.
    Google said that it was immediately deluged with tens of thousands of requests, each of which must be examined on its merits.
    An advisory council set up by Google concluded yesterday that the internet giant was correctly applying the judgment. However, Google’s approach is at odds with that set out in November by the Article 29 Working Party.
    The working party wants Google and other search engines to stop warning news media and other publishers when links to their articles are deleted.Such warnings have prompted a number of publishers, including the BBC, The Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail, to republish articles in protest.

    The group also wants companies to remove links from all of their search engines, not just their European versions. The companies argue that this would impair free speech in countries that should not be affected by a ruling of a European court.
    Google’s advisory council recommended the opposite to the working party’s guidelines, saying that publishers should be notified about link removals and that deletions should be restricted to European search engines.

    Ms Falque-Pierrotin said: “The decision of the working party didn’t come out of the blue. Our job is to give the proper interpretation of the law.”
    She said that the report from Google’s advisory council should not be treated as having the same status as the working party’s guidelines. “It’s like asking a public authority if they agree with something that’s a contradiction of the law,” she said.
    David Drummond, Google’s chief legal officer, said that the company was considering the guidance of both the advisory council and the working party.

    Google’s eight-member advisory council includes Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, and Frank La Rue, a former UN special rapporteur on freedom of expression. Its remit was to advise Google on how to strike a balance between privacy and free speech rights in applying the ECJ’s ruling.
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    If Simon Stepsys or Mark Ghobril are involved it's 100% a SCAM!


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