Imagine you are sitting on a scandal so big you can't sleep at night and then you find out a former U.S. President, his son, and former VP are all making millions with the scandal. They hide their black money in Panama Bank account. You tell the FBI about it but then they do nothing. WHY? This guy decided to write a book as a former U.S. Treasury agent with 2 years experience working inside a government front company laundering millions on Wall Street. He did not know his emails and phone was monitored and even though he worked as an FBI informant, his "friends" at the FBI begin acting strange. Then he and another FBI informant on Wall Street by the name of Al Chalem start getting threatening phone call that are originally polite but turn nasty with messages that first suggest and then demand that they leave the country. Chalem believes that he is safe because he is being watched 24 hours a day by the G men. The other guy leave the country and goes to live with his Canadian wife in Canada. Chalem is found dead - shot 5 times in the head.

The other guy is mysteriously "detained" by immigration Canada with no explanation. His lawyer (Marshal Drukarsh) is a certified immigration expert and according to his two sworn affidavits there was no legal justification for an American citizen married to a Canadian wife with Canadian children to be detained IN MAXIMUM SECURITY CONFINEMENT FOR TEN MONTHS, especially after the man filed a refugee claim and visited the offices of Amnesty International with reports of torture, murder, and other crimes committed by American government officials. Because he is an American, he is advised to contact Amnesty International in America! At this point in time the man is not charged with any crime in any country.

But surprise! Uncle Sam suddenly claims they want to extradite him back to America for a crime for which the man is not even indicted. In fact they cannot even identify any victim or dollar amount of any crime. Canadian law require that foreign governments seeking extradition submit "Charging Documents" that give some basic details of the crime. These charging documents must be identified at the extradition hearing yet they do not appear. Canadian law guarantees that all people, even tourists in Canada involved in any criminal proceedings have the right to testify on their own behalf and "address the court" - a legal right to make statements or pose questions to the judge. In this case, the court transcripts show that the man was not allowed to "address the court" nor testify despite 3 verbal requests to do so. Can you smell the corruption yet? Here's the full story http://www.scam.com/showthread.php?7...dition-Hearing!

The below affidavit and 27 exhibits of this official Law Society complaint prove to you and the world that Justice is selective and when it comes to political and government crimes, like war crimes, torture, drug smuggling, rapes, and murders, censorship becomes the primary duty of judges who if you recall - are appointed by politicians at the federal level. When corrupt FBI agents are involved, who do you call for help? Read this Law society complaint and learn the reality of U.S. Government the best contemporary example of organized crime. http:/bruceslawsocietycomplaint.wordpress.com. Remember, the FBI new about 389 Panama bank accounts in 1996 and knew then that they would never be allowed to arrest and prosecute a Wall Street CEO for any crime aside from murder.


The above documents prove that the whistle blower Gorcyca was not indicted for any crime as falsely claime by the American government when they told Canada to send Gorcyca back to America. The man has been exiled in China and has been told his family will be killed if he ever sets foot in North America again. If you think this is a prank or some conspiracy theory, visit WhyUncleSamHatesBruce or the Ontario Superior Courthouse and read file E-19-100 or try this http://s53.photobucket.com/user/RR1975/slideshow/BAGD/