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Thread: Little Known Scores About YOU That YOU Can't Legally Correct

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    Little Known Scores About YOU That YOU Can't Legally Correct

    " If you’ve bought a house or car lately, chances are you know your credit score, or at least whether it’s good or bad.

    But what about your customer loyalty score? Or your identity score? Or your health score?

    Most people have no idea that businesses use thousands of such scores to rank consumers based on data harvested from search engine histories, shopping habits, social media networks, mobile apps, surveys and census reports."
    "But unlike credit scores, the so-called “e-scores,” or “predictive scores” used for marketing or fraud detection, are not regulated by the government. Consumers have no legal right to see their scores or correct errors in them.

    The scoring practices have drawn scrutiny from the Federal Trade Commission, which is investigating how companies collect and use consumer data. Last year the watchdog agency cracked down on 10 data brokers in a “secret shopper” operation. The brokers allegedly were willing to sell consumer information to undercover FTC officials for credit, insurance, employment or housing decisions, a violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act."
    Full story:
    Little-known scores rank consumers’ value based on data from Web, mobile apps, loyalty cards -

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    Re: Little Known Scores About YOU That YOU Can't Legally Correct

    "It's virtually impossible to violate rules ... but it's impossible for a violation to go undetected, certainly not for a considerable period of time." Bernie Madoff

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