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Thread: Leaking offshore data in BVI

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    Leaking offshore data in BVI

    If you ever leaked offshore British Virgin Island data or published results of such a leak, do not bother ever traveling to BVI.
    The journalists might face up to 15 years prison sentences there.

    February 11, 2014

    The British Virgin Islands have never been accused of taking financial secrecy lightly. But last week, members of the BVI legislature took a step toward raising the territory’s noted secrecy protections to new heights.
    A bill introduced in the BVI legislature, the Computer Misuse and Cybercrime Act, would impose tough criminal penalties on individuals who leak secret data and journalists who publish those leaks.

    These punishments include prison sentences of up to 20 years for individuals who illegally leak

    data, and sentences of up to 15 years for anyone who publishes data that “he or she knows or ought reasonably to have known was obtained without lawful authority.”

    URL: International Press Institute: IPI urges British Virgin Islands to include public-interest exception in cybercrime bill

    Protecting from Cybercrime? wikileaks ? espionage? - nahh

    #1 BVI revenue is providing a heaven (corporate and banking secrecy) to criminals / money launderers/ corrupted politicians / rich tax fraudsters from around the world.

    maybe this has something to do with it ?
    Incorporations of new offshore companies in the British Virgin Islands declined sharply last year, falling 21 percent from 2012. The change echoes a recent report by the company Offshore Incorporations Limited that found that ICIJ's Offshore Leaks had created a "crisis of confidence" in the offshore industry, with more than three-quarters of the offshore professionals it surveyed said that ICIJ’s stories have reduced demand for offshore financial vehicles or prompted clients to move their business from one haven to another. Most of the secret accounts exposed by Offshore Leaks were incorporated in the BVI.
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    Re: Leaking offshore data in BVI

    Another interesting piece from stats on BVI

    Population: under 30,000
    Registered companies: over 500,000

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