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Thread: Dublii Shop till ya drop

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    Dublii Shop till ya drop

    Hello All.
    Well we a seem to have a new hot spot that has all the big boys ready to jump in and get a piece of the pie. Story goes in 2009 A guy named Mike started an online store.Well for some reason it didn't fly so he tweaked it and opened up the Market to the US. Well I saw 2 Hangouts with the big boys climbing over one another to join the club. It is like a BJ's or Costco. You make your money by joining ,they have 3 levels One is free,one is $50 (I think ) and the other is the primo at $300 0r so I should have written them down so don't shoot the messenger LOL. Basically someone does a google search for an item and up pops the Dubli store with a better price.They have all of the major brands that you can think of and you get a commission on the sale and if you get a person to buy a membership you get a commission.Similar to drop and ship it seems like to me. Anyone who knows about it please post Thanks SW

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    Re: Dublii Shop till ya drop

    Thanks for that, Sandra.

    FYI, we already have a thread on Dubli, started by Soapboxmom back in 2010:
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