Remember Ben Suarez? He was the guy that wrote the well known "7 Steps to Freedom" book that he flogged through ads in the popular magazines of the time. Suarez learned his trade from Gary Halbert in the early 70's (I wrote about Halbert earlier today in another post.) He took what he learned from Halbert and started his own company that has grown to over $120,000,000 in annual sales.

But it wasn't the postal authorities that got on Suarez's case. No, it was the feds that indicted Suarez and CFO Michael Giorgio for conspiring to funnel illegal campaign money to a pair of Republican candidates.

However, the Akron Beacon Journal reports that John Whitacre, a 56-year-old marketing executive for Suarez Corporation Industries, shot himself in the head "the night before he was to testify to a secret grand jury investigating his longtime friend and boss, Benjamin Suarez."

Now, you have to admit that's dedication! If only a person could learn how to pick loyal employees like that.

Hey now! There's an idea for Ben to market a new "how to" book. Bet he could make a killing selling that information!

Suarez executive killed himself on eve of grand jury appearance