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Thread: Un-bloody-believable medical fraud

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    Un-bloody-believable medical fraud

    There are frauds which cost people their life savings or their marriage or their self respect.

    Then there are downright dangerous medical frauds which can not only cost their victims money, but their health.

    Here's a prime example of a U.K based lowlife fraudster claiming to be able to "cure" three of main causes of permanent blindness: cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration with his hocus pocus "magic drops"

    ethos B website

    And here's the fraudster behind it:

    Peter Aldred website

    Peter Aldred @ethospete on Twitter making the same dangerous claims

    Again on Twitter, this time as @cataractdrops

    Peter Aldred tries appearing legitimate on his EthosBank page on LinkedIn

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    Re: Un-bloody-believable medical fraud

    Interesting he didn't lump diabetes in there.

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    Re: Un-bloody-believable medical fraud

    Wow, they did "successful TV Show trials". Now we can take them "seriously".

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    Re: Un-bloody-believable medical fraud

    There has been a study that suggests that NAC (in this case, N acetyl carnosine, not n acetyl cysteine) drops improves vision for people with cataracts. Is it a wonder treatment as is claimed? Not bloody likely:
    Efficacy of N-acetylcarnosine in the treatment of ... [Drugs R D. 2002] - PubMed - NCBI
    It seems like in this "industry" common sense is not all that common!

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