Scam Warning to everyone dumb enough to fall for this great looking MLM scam that is making its way around the world. It is based in Texas and one of the principals is a convicted felon. Here is what I picked up from a AAA and Fodors Fraud Alert...

Another get rich MLM scheme has come to China after thousands were victimized in America. As you may know a pyramid scheme needs a "product" in order to technically be legal. So their product is a travel agency. So groundbreaking and original eh? Anyway they just registered in Hong Kong and their mainland con artist is a woman in Tianjin who is recruiting Principals and expat school teachers showing them fake bank statements to get them excited. I guess the Chinese have not learn their lesson about MLM yet. Only the top two levels in Hong Kong and Tianjin will earn a fortune and the others will end up demanding a refund of their $999. CBS News officially declared them a scam as did 20 people at

This World Ventures is actually a legal scam in China since China does not regulate MLMs just yet and since the company is operating out of Hong Kong, not many Chinese will travel to HK to sue for $999 when their trip alone, hotel accommodations and lawyer and court fees will exceed $5,000.

Is World Ventures A Scam? - In My Opinion No, BUT......... - Bare Naked Scam

And here is what I just finished reading.WorldVentures: This is NOT the Way to Travel the World

Lastly here are five good reasons to RUN don't walk when they try to corner you with this "great opportunity" Hello, it's Cheryl

I always ask myself, if people are born stupid or do they have to practice to get good at it? I notice they are now setting up shop in China and African nations where they have no laws to regulate or stop MLM scams. I predict this scam will claim over 2 million victims before people smarten up. Is World Ventures A Scam? « Singapore Blog Awards 2012 Finalists