Information is urgently required concerning people in Australia
and overseas who have had dealings with Mr Wright. We believe
that he was born in New Zealand, may have qualified as an
Accountant and moved to Australia some years ago possibly
after time in the Far East.

Please contact us if you have provided money to him, or
otherwise financially supported him, either directly or
indirectly, reference an "investment opportunity"
allegedly concerning the assets of a Trust believed to
have operated in both Australia and Switzerland. High
returns were promised but have failed to materialise.
We are aware that in some cases funds were channelled
through "Introducers". Two names - Fitzherbert and Lambert
- have appeared on more than one occasion. Both of these
people are believed to reside in the Melbourne area.

It has been suggested that this long running scenario has
involved, in Australia, The High Court, The Reserve Bank
and various high profile figures. No credible evidence
has ever been produced to the many financial supporters
many of whom have suffered very severe financial
hardship as a result of the delay and what appears to
have been the deliberate misinformation provided.

The objective of our enquiries is to establish the truth
and determine what criminality - if any - may have
taken place. Reports will then be provided to various
Authorities both in Australia and Switzerland as may
be deemed appropriate.

Please contact us in total confidence through e mail address

10th February 2015