It is getting harder and harder for Don Quixote to keep coming up with new stories to tell in his updates the faithful will believe. His latest confirms he will carry this charade into 2022. Here's his latest nonsensical update, and I quote:

"by Budigower 04 Nov 2021 18:59

Hi Guys

As many may have observed, the server hosting our forum has had ongoing repairs these past two days.

Well, the major royal lawyer QC is mentally focused upon spending his anticipated delivery bonus and that is sure to be the best motivation that we can all hope for.

He cannot get access to it until First Payee is happy with what she receives and that will take a bit of doing. Then she has to sign off on the delivery.

Kindly support First Payee

cheers Budi"

Now what is interesting about this latest update is that, according to Don Quixote, Crystal has to be happy with what she receives from major royal lawyer, or it is a no-go. Hmm, this is the same Crystal that we were told if the German Government did not agree to all of Crystal's demands, they could not continue to meet their financial obligations starting Jan 2020. Well, Germany did not meet Crystal's demands but somehow they just keep on meeting those financial obligations since Jan 2020.

Now would you believe that Crystal is going to have any better outcome with this endeavor than she has had with all her other so-called responsibilities over the last 15 years, that have accomplished absolutely NOTHING, NIL, NADA, ZILCH, ZERO, ZIP?

Now what is going to be interesting is to see if the few remaining faithful pony up the cash for Crystal's monthly stipend. And the idiocy continues from the deluded.