As predicted the waffling has begun. Here's the latest from Don Quixote and I quote:

"Budigower 07 Nov 2019 19:25

Hello Folks:

The Transaction File covers the payouts that the four British banks processed between 2008 through to 2011. There were approximately 100,000 payouts processed and these were all wire transfers. The international banking process results in a copy of each and every wire transfer executed being retained by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS).

The Justice Ministry of Germany is progressing with their internal investigation and have asked the BIS for copies of the recorded payouts.

BIS have assembled the records. As you can imagine this was a massive workload. It is unquestionably the biggest endeavour to identify what has unfolded. These payouts tend to intimate money laundering on a grand scale. Oliver Bullough in his book, "Money Land" states that the largest money laundering activity ever taken place involved US$200 Billion. That is one penny in the dollar to what this involves. The Transaction File amounts to about US$20 Trillion.

Now we have an interesting impasse. The BIS is being blocked or prevented by high level politicians from handing over the records to the Justice Ministry of Germany. You could say that would be no surprise. There is no point speculating who or what is doing the blocking. Eventually these moves reveal themselves and the people behind such actions. So we wait and see.

Your support for First Payee is most appropriate and important.

cheers Budi"

Remember, this is a Ponzi that was lucky to have taken in $25 Million, but more realistically closer to $5 Million as it didn't last that long before they ran with the money. This now has morphed into a payout that is in the Trillions of Dollars, well according to Don Quixote that is. Incredible that anyone still believers his BS updates.