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Hi all,
Not too much movement, but some.
As Budi has mentioned, the Germans have stepped up to the starting line again and have selected their travelling team. I believe it is composed of the senior attorney who led all the investigation as well as three others (professors ?, lawyers ?, others ?) who are fluent in English and understand US law.
The German have been watching the US legal proceedings closely and are quite concerned that an acting/former president is not protected with immunity. That decision, which will likely be appealed, and may yet be overturned, is of great concern with respect to the SI case being conducted in the US and the potential for Germans of all rank and position being completely exposed. As Budi has mentioned, the fees to be paid to these "specialists" have been established and are currently being positioned "buried" in a way that will minimize exposure should the process go wrong. Evidently some funds are even being set aside for FP's "assistance" in answering questions. Questions have been reduced to a half a dozen or so from several pages.
Although dates for travel have been floated several times, follow through has not happened. There is no known date for travel at this time.
Info on the package delivery is going to go quiet for a short period of time. What has been posted already is true and progress is being made, but in an effort to avoid even the tiniest appearance of interference, FP is keeping the information to herself. We know that all the prior package deliveries were initiated and then scuttled or stalled for one reason or another, so FP is not anxious for the most recent player to be annoyed or worse while he takes care of business. It will be for all of our benefit if this person will just go ahead and get the job done. FP will let us know when more information can be shared. If you asked me to guess, I would say a couple of weeks, but take that with a grain of salt.
Simon's female attorney was clued in by Blackburn to ask about emails from SI account holders specifically FP. Simon has been receiving them but not sharing them with her. She has demanded all of them and has now threatened to quit if she doesn't get them immediately. Simon was/is cowering again, and tried to explain away his withholding them because he wasn't sure if they were real or not, and didn't want to pass them along until he knew for sure. Hard to know whether we should laugh, cry, or both on that one.
Thanks for continuing to help keep FP up and running. It appears that funds that will help FP with the legal and administrative end of things are on final approach, so hopefully another couple of weeks. $810 and change went out last month on the 23rd which was a help. As you are able, any gift would be most appreciated. We have a week before the 15th, so any time between now and then would be terrific. Keep your thoughts and prayers going too, they have impact that you may not even realize.
Running with you,
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These people keep reminding me of the movie "The Gang Who Couldn't Shoot Straight." Can't wait to hear all the excuses they come up with when none of this happens, and it won't.
Notice they let it be known that Crystal is not receiving her full montly donation as in the past. Falling way short...FINALLY. Maybe the cult members are waking up and realizing this has all been one giant lie they have fell for 18 years. One can hope.